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I've been using for professional looking transcripts for my homeschool children. I was paying about $24/yr for the service for up to 10 students, even though I don't have nearly that many it was the only choice. They just started offering a monthly price of $4.95 per student. I asked if I could sign up for only 1 month per year and not lose any information from the previous year. They said yes as long as paid for the same number of students every year! Sounds like a savings to me! I only use the service at the end of our school year and 1 month is enough time to have access.

As for the service and homeschooling in general, it's not mandatory to use such a service, at least in my state. You could just as easily use a word document to create a transcript. I started creating transcripts once the children entered high school grade equivalents. However, it is convenient and it also has an option to send the transcripts to Parchment. What's Parchment? It's again, totally voluntary, but many of the public schools around me are signing up with as their transcript service. Parents no longer call the school for a transcript requests for colleges, etc., they contact Parchment (and pay about $20 per request, used to be $3 at the local school). Then Parchment sends the information to the college's admissions system directly. It's easier for the colleges and you'll start to see more colleges preferring the transcripts come this way. The only way I found to get homeschool transcripts into Parchment was thru or as the clearinghouse. I've not used the second service mentioned. If a homeschool parent or student wants to send their transcripts it's still about $20 per request.

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