How can I reconcile a future transaction?

I have been a YNAB user for many years. I seem to recall that the pre-web software would allow future dated transactions to be in the register and reconciled, but I cannot seem to make that happen in the web software. Let me explain.

One of my paydays falls on the last business day of the month. Today is April 30, so I was paid today. When I record the pay on the last day of the month, the money falls within the month but is unusable (unbudgetable) for almost the entire month. For planning purposes, I got in the habit of recording that paycheck as being dated on the first of the following month. Therefore, I dated my current paycheck as tomorrow, May 1.

I am still trying to understand how the transaction importing works. Today I imported transactions on my iPhone and then went to reconcile on my laptop. The balance was off and I had two paychecks in the register: one today and one tomorrow. I removed the one dated today. On the one dated tomorrow, I clicked on "Enter Now" thinking that meant "enter into the register now but retain the transaction date".  Instead, it behaved like "enter into the register now and redate the transaction to today." I could not enter the transaction and clear it for today even though it is dated for tomorrow.

I uncleared all of the transactions after the payroll deposit and now my register is reconciled as of yesterday. Tomorrow I will reconcile again and all will be well. I need to remember never to reconcile between the last payday of the month and the end of the month.

Is there a better way to do this?

Many thanks, Marty

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  • I think the best thing to do is just record the paycheck on April 30, click ahead to May and budget the money there. If that means YNAB sometimes thinks you're getting two paychecks in a month, well, you are, right?

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  • You are over complicating things. Enter the paycheck today. Click to May and budget it. 

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    Scheduled transactions in nYNAB are different than future dated transactions in YNAB4; effectively, they are little more than reminders now. You can't reconcile them and as you also may have noticed, they don't count against your Available balance. (They are counted when using the "Underfunded" quick budget option, but that's about it.)

    Because nYNAB also doesn't have walled months, you can, as mamster and satcook pointed out, enter your paycheck today and then simply click ahead to May to budget it 

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  • The replies here caused me to rethink why I was in the habit of post dating payday. My (now estranged) wife had trouble understanding why a month could have money in the budget but it could not be spent at any time in the month. One of my coping mechanisms was to record late-in-the-month income during the following month. I will probably break out of that habit.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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