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I want to do a fresh start. Can I move my budget categories from the previous budget to the new one?

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  • I did a fresh start last week and your categories and all accounts stay the same, they just zero out. So you have to add the beginning balances to all your accounts and then fill in how much you want to budget for each category. 

  • Hi Aquamarine Memory !

    Yes, you can. 馃榾

    The Fresh Start feature will allow you to keep your categories, goals, and scheduled transactions, but clear out all budgeting and transaction history. Before it does this, YNAB will save a copy of your current budget.

    - Click on the name of your budget in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.

    - Select Make a Fresh Start.

    Then, you'll add your account balances as of today, budget, and record spending鈥攖he steps in our Quick Start Guide.

    Enjoy your new budget! 馃帀

  • >>>YNAB will save a copy of your current budget.<<<<

    1>  Does this include both the amounts you budgeted, plus all the transaction data from the time period being erased?  All the features of the budget?

    2>  And where does it save it to/how can it be retrieved?  Can it be made into reports/graphs or analyzed in a usable ways to see patterns from the past?

            So I understand there's a Fresh start and also something called a Mini Fresh start but I have confusion over which to choose bc I don't understand the implications of each so I can best apply a decision to my situation.

            I have LOTS of questions & wondering how to make the best decision... sorry I am over-complicating this but I NEED HELP!!!!   * My other >3 questions are at the bottom

    Background info:  I am about 15 months into a budget I haven't really used bc it seemed so complicated getting myself set up while the days were going by and transactions piling up with which I didn't yet know how to deal properly  (credit cards, other bank accounts, etc) or just plain didn't get things entered fast enough (new habits are hard to establish 4 a busy girl), so I fell off the new wagon before it was even all put together! 

    Here's the deal - I feel the data that has been collecting in my YNAB account from my bank without being reconciled (which shows the majority of my spending for all that time) could be useful to me in seeing spending patterns if could actually A.  get them entered into the budget (is that even realistic either now, OR even later once I become "pro?") AND, B. learn how to pull reports/analyze those numbers.  So basically, I hate to just "erase" what might be useful data. 

    On the other hand, perhaps it is easier than I think to just enter/click on  all those bank transactions by ensuring they are into categories and clearing them (still not clear on how to do that exactly but will study up on it), and then I could make use of all that time/data that has gone by.   

    In reality I worry the chances I would be overcome by discouragement trying to figure out YNAB (when meanwhile once again, the numbers will keep rolling in every day and piling up like before) are high enough that I am leaning towards some kind of "do over."

    If so then for now, I would be happy to do a Fresh Start (I guess) if I could reenter the original budgeting figures I created and just start over by entering my current account balances and hope I do better this time. :o  But I fear I'm not even ready for that.


    3>  Can I print out a copy of my [old] budget with categories/numbers so it's easy to read from and enter the numbers into my Fresh Start budget?  It seems I remember they don't all appear on one screen - so how can I recapitulate  them for use in my new budget?

    4> If  I Fresh Start, are the transactions from old budget saved so that once I become proficient at YNAB I could potentially utilize them by making reports or otherwise analyzing the data to see spending patterns, etc?

    5> Serious consideration:  Would it be better just to start entering new transactions into my existing budget for a few weeks until I get a handle on how YNAB works, and then Fresh Start - in order to prevent me getting overwhelmed again like last time then giving up. 

          Not sure how many times I can take defeat and if I Fresh Start and cant' keep up with the learning curve, I'm afraid I'll fail again.

    This was long ---- anyone who can help is a saint!!



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