Importing and categorizing expenses with just the keyboard

I know YNAB has some keyboard shortcuts but they're shy of perfect. Is there any way to categorize and approve expenses one by one with only the keyboard? Right now I think there are some requisite mouse clicks to select a transaction and select the category or memo field. The ability to do everything from the keyboard would make the entry process so much less painstaking for me and help me -- and many others I'm sure -- stay way more on top of keeping my expenses up to date. 

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  • Hey Hot Pink Clarinet  ! Here's our current list of Keyboard Shortcuts! It's helpful to know you'd like to see some more options! I'll make sure to pass this feedback on to our design team :) 

  • Janelle - YNAB Team , yup those are a good start but there's certainly more to be desired. For example, if you import new transactions in an account, using the given shortcuts I can scroll up and down the list but there's no way to edit the selected transaction to add a category, as a simple example. Being able to do that whole workflow from the keyboard would be immensely helpful. Does that make sense?

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    • Hot Pink Clarinet Yep! Definitely makes sense! :) 

  • I just migrated over today after months of hesitation and not having this function is one of first things I noticed.

    Being able to navigate and edit transactions using only the keyboard is a huge timesaver. The previous versions also jumped to the next transactions that required editing already in edit mode. All you had to do was tab over to edit whatever was needed. 

    Now I have to click, sometimes multiple times, just to get into editing mode, then click into the next transactions. Why? 

    This may be a deal-breaker for me as I sometimes have hundreds of transactions that need editing.

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    • Mic_Deb me too!! This was so much smoother in ynab classic

      I'd like to just go down the list of categories that need to be assigned with one or two keystrokes!

  • Hi yes, this is annoying.  I keep looking for other budgeting options but keep coming back to YNAB.  Yet, this is very annoying, but less annoying than the limitations of other budgeting apps.  I am in Australia so I cannot automatically update transactions, so I have to do it manually.  And the workflow sucks!!!  I just want to quickly categorise my transactions.  Thanks

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  • I'm living in the Netherlands, I also have no way to enter many transactions other than manually, and I agree that the workflow is a pain. I have a helpful script to import transactions (thank you for supporting CSV import), but then I often need to go through them and edit the categories they're assigned to, which requires repeatedly clicking into "category" fields. All that's needed to improve the workflow is to add a single shortcut that bridges the gap between viewing and editing:  something to begin editing the currently-selected transaction (e.g., "enter", "⌘-enter", …).

    For bonus points, it would also be nice, on the budgeting view, to be able to hit "enter" to commit to transfers between categories (e.g., when assigning "To Be Budgeted" to a category or covering spending in one category with funds from another category). Right now, it appears that the only option is to click "OK" with the mouse.

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  • Me too!!!  I have SO many transactions to enter, and having to double click, enter data, hit enter, then double-click again is so ridiculous.  PLEASE add this functionality!!   Love you, YNAB! 

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    • Steel Blue Snow 
      :) Make sure to fill out our official Feedback Form! It goes straight to our Design Team!

  • It is a real shame YNAB isn't more keyboard friendly in that area. However, I've made quite a comfortable keyboard key for myself in Keyboard Maestro for that:

    Triggered by any of the following:
    The Hot Key ⌃E is pressed
    Will execute the following actions:
    Type the Return Keystroke
    Type the Tab Keystroke
    Type the Tab Keystroke
  • I also put in a feedback request to add this functionality. It would be a dream to be able to go to the page which has all my unapproved/uncategorized transactions, and then be able to navigate between each of them, assign categories, and approve them without having to touch my mouse. Thanks for the help!

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  • I have RSI, so using the mouse is pretty painful for me.  As others have mentioned, keyboard navigation is pretty terrible in YNAB, so it's literally painful for me to use.  For example, selecting transactions in a budget with up and down arrows is broken, the highlighted item often goes off-screen and I can't get it back on-screen without mouse scrolling.

    Sometimes I use Apple's VoiceOver to avoid using the mouse too.  But even that's broken for YNAB in Firefox for Mac (it just spins on "busy" when I try to move into the table, on both Firefox 68 ESR, and Firefox 73).  I'm pretty disappointed not only that I can't use keyboard navigation, but that it's completely broken for blind users using a screen reader as well (at least on Firefox on MacOS).

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    • Hi Gus !

      Thank you for pointing out these areas where improvement is sorely needed! We've recently taken a look at our keyboard shortcuts and realized that it's not just shortcuts, but keyboard navigation in general where we need to improve. I can't provide a timeframe, but we are looking into this for the future!

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      Faness Thanks!

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