Scheduled payments

Would it be possible to add flags on scheduled payments to be on the closest working before / after the scheduled period?  and if this were implemented could it take into account public holidays?

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  • Hi Edward ,

    I want to make sure I fully understand the question here. Do you mean adding a flag to note when a transaction is going to take place? Currently, flags can be added to any transaction, but the meaning of the flag is up to you. How often a transaction occurs can be set using the Repeat option when you enter the transaction (such as weekly, twice a month, etc.). 

    Are you looking for a different frequency for how often a transaction takes place?

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      Faness at YNAB I think what he means is,  if the recurrence of the scheduled transaction is going to hit on a holiday or weekend, that it drop into the register the business day before.  I don't think he's talking about the actual flags. 

       I actually haven't found this to be too big of a deal.  One, the transaction usually takes an extra day or two to clear,  so by the time it imports the scheduled transaction has already been put into place and approved.  Two,  if for some reason the transaction does import before the scheduled transaction is in place,  you can actually match  the imported transaction and the scheduled transaction. 

       And if you aren't using direct import, then it doesn't matter at all: you won't check for the scheduled transaction until you're looking to see what is cleared and you can adjust it then if needed. 

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  • I suspect that the requester is probably living paycheck to paycheck and trying use the float between a check showing up as pending and when it clears. I have noticed that transactions pending on Friday typically don’t clear until Sunday evening, with our bank.

  • I just want the transactions to line up with the order they appear in my bank account so that when I reconcile it if it gets out of sync it's easier - as there's no automated bank integration in the UK.  Also will this be coming and will you use the open banking apis?

    I thought something like the attached would work with your regional settings for public holidays & working days selected under your account profile.

    • Edward Thanks for clarifying! I can definitely pass your feature request along to our design team. I'm not sure if this is something we would ever implement, though! 

      As for international bank integrations, it's not in our plans for the immediate future. But it's on our radar as we continue researching and developing. If we are ever able to offer it, I'm sure we'll make a ton of announcements ;) 

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