First time import after fresh start causing budget issues

I did a fresh start on 4/7/18 and entered the current (cleared) balance from my checking acct like usual.  But when I did my first import, transactions prior to 4/7 came in, which throws off budgeting and checking register. Those transactions of course have not been accounted for because I started after they occurred.

What is the best course correct?

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  • Hi Slate Blue Sander !

    When transactions import from before your Starting Balance, you can either update the Starting Balance to what it was before those transactions, or you can delete those transactions. Either way, as long as the balances are accounted for, it should re-align with your bank account balance and keep things in line going forward. :)

  • How do I change the starting balance?


    I started July 1 with that day's bank balance, but my "July" pay was deposited on June 28, so I paid a number of "July" bills immediately. Those are shown in June (obviously) and the starting balance doesn't reflect that a. I've paid them (so they're seen as overspending), nor does it give me enough in the starting balance to compensate for them. I'm not seeing a way to change that starting balance...


    Things I've tried...

    --moving the date of the transactions to July... but then I'm short that amount of $ because it wasn't included in the Starting Balance

    --deleting the transactions... but then they show as unpaid for July, except they're not

    --adding "money" to June to reconcile, but that's seen as income or something and all the numbers go wonky


    Clearly I'm super confused. Help, please?

  • Ok, figured it out. Sort of. Under transactions/bank, I found the "starting balance" line and clicked the little + sign, added the amount I'd need to cover the "overages" from June. Then I reconciled/put that money in to cover the June categories.

    It did something weird to the amount I have available to budget (increased it for July, even after "spending" the amount I'd added for June - but maybe the deficit had already been subtracted from money available?). BUT once I checked my bank account for the real balance and did all the math from what I'd allocated so far, the math adds up correctly now. So, magic!

    • Hi Rebecca !

      That's exactly right for how to change the Starting Balance! If you click on it you can edit the amount (if you change the date of the Starting Balance, transactions from the date you change it to will be imported).

      We suggest starting your account balance as it is on that day and only budgeting for the expenses you need to cover going forward. If your Starting Balance already had rent deducted (because you paid it in the previous month), you would skip budgeting for rent - since it was already paid. 

      If you wanted to include rent, you'd need to re-add the amount to your Starting Balance and then budget for it (which sounds like what you've managed to do?). Once the funds are added to your Starting Balance, they'll appear in your To Be Budgeted and you'd budget them towards Rent (or the other expenses you wanted to include).

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