Hello, YNABers! We're hoping to get more folks to join the forum, so we're doing a little giveaway! We'll be sending a t-shirt and the YNAB book to five winners. We'd like to include new folks as well as current forum users, so even if you're not new, please participate! 

So here's how it will work:

  • Leave a comment below with one thing you love about YNAB.
  • On Wednesday, 4/25 I will choose five people at random. 
  • That day, I'll contact the winners privately to get some information so we can send a prize!

A few notes for new folks:

If you haven't created an account with the forum yet, you'll just need to do so before you can comment. Click 'Login' at the top of the screen. If you're already logged in to your budget in the same browser, you'll automatically be signed into the forum. If not, sign in with the same email and password you use to log in to the YNAB app.  If you haven't used YNAB before, you'll need to create an account first. 

New folks will be assigned a random name, avatar, and username, but you can change your name and avatar if you like! Just click your user icon in the upper right corner and select Edit Profile.

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  • Love the visuals and reports!

  • the customer service of ynab blows everything else out of the water. not to mention the cheekiness of the app ie: refreshing and getting a note that “we’re taking down christmas decorations”. I left my bigger earning job to stay at home with our kids last summer. always have been a perennial budgeter, ynab changed the way we thought about money and has made the transition a million times easier! 

  • I love how ynab’s app ! 

  • I love how you have turned a scattergun approach to finance into one whereby I can simply look, spend and not fret. 

  • I love YNAB’s simple yet powerful web app and mobile app, that seems to have the ability to read my mind!

  • I love how YNAB forces me to make decisions based on only what I have. It's such a simple concept but the software has completely changed my relationship with money.

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  • I have made a lot of headway into paying off my car (hopefully by end of the year) thanks to YNAB and ever since then, the days have gotten longer and the weather warmer.  While the "experts" keep talking about seasons and something called Spring, I know the truth. Thanks YNAB!

  • I love how YNAB is forgiving if I get off track. I can catch up using the reconcile function, or even make a new start. It keeps me from giving up on budgeting, like I have many times before. 

  • I love how YNAB facilitates awareness-building around my spending and debts and a process for managing them that I can trust as long as I follow the 4 rules!

  • I love the YNAB method and budgeting rules, which I discovered when I was trying to cope with a significant loss in income. Now that my income is back to my previous level, it has helped me to prioritise and plan, and to build in a buffer for any future change in circumstances. I wouldn't live without it now! 

  • I love how YNAB makes doing the right thing easy.

    Before YNAB, I budgeted with a spreadsheet, and that worked fine. But it took me a lot of time to get it all right, to reconcile the accounts, to assign them to budgets, to figure out what categories and priorities to use. The software, instructions, forums, video's and podcasts work together to make budgeting natural.

  • I've never understood money. I have a lot of trouble valuing it, and I have always struggled to have a sense of priority and direction with my money. So what I love most about YNAB is that it gives me bearings. I understand not just how much money I have, but what it's all for. Everything is in a pre-assigned "slot." Better: It's easy to reassign it if my priorities shift. I have a visual - a vision - of how it all fits. I've never had that before.

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  • I love the peace of mind I have since using YNAB. Paying cc in full every month is a breeze and I have all the information I need to make any spontaneous spending decisions. It is all about priorities. 

  • I love that YNAB gives me a overall plan on how to tackle the month and holds me accountable for my spending and saving.

  • I love that YNAB is extremely user friendly. Purchases automically download and it’s so easy to choose the category (s) it belongs in. YNAB also encourages goals and shows you how far you are from your goal. It’s appealing to the eye. I can’t say enough good things about YNAB. It truly makes budgeting something I look forward to each month. 

  • I love Knowing exactly where every dollar is going and seeing monthly trends. 

  • Since I have started using ynab 7 months ago, I feel like I have some much more money to do things. Before ynab, I spent without really knowing if I could afford my lifestyle. Now, I know exactly where my money goes, and I am able to save towards my goals.

  • I love the ease of recording what we spend as well as the ease of reconciling with my bank and credit cards.  YNAB is totally awesome. 

  • I'm new to YNAB, but I really like how it offers judgment-free, practical and helpful advice for people from all ages and backgrounds who need help with budgeting.


    As a soon-to-be married woman, my fiance and I are looking for helpful ways to better our financial situation, and I think YNAB is an amazing tool to help us with that. 

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  • Today marks one week into the trial and my random thought while taking the trash out tonight was 
    "I love saving". I have been budgeting since February 10th and this time last week I didn't have an accuarate picture of what I spent on groceries and if I had enuff money to cover the rest of the month plus pay this and pay that.  I took the budget class 3x and finally had an "ah ha" moment - and went from "oh crap" to "oh thank god" last night. I had put money in the "this is due and that is due" category without funding the Immediate obligations - I had "future" transactions entered and once I realized I had done that I was able to reallocate to "what I actually have" and everything shifted. Because of early month spending - this week my goal is to spend $63 on groceries - I spent $51 knowing I needed to be smart. I like knowing "what I will spend" .  I also realize all that interest on cc is a purchase. I can see how even $9.00 left over from something can be applied to debt and I am looking so forward to funding true expenses 

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  • I love YNAB for so many reasons! One of which is that because of YNAB I no longer get charged any over draft fees! 

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  • I like the budget categories and the way they work, it's exactly what I need :)

  • YNAB has kept me on track and has been instrumental in me becoming debt free!!

  • My favourite thing about YNAB is that it makes it easy to see where money is allocated to. I have a large number of quite high expenses at large intervals (like multiple 500€ every three years). If these came out of "nowhere", paying for them could be hard. Since YNAB tracks them with goals, I always know I have the funds for them when I need them.

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    Love that it's web based now, so we can do cool things with the Toolkit. ;)

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