How can I combine my multiple student loan "accounts"?



I'm a student and I have a student loan provider that I logged into in order to download my accounts. Unfortunately, the provider has a separate account per semester, meaning I have a ten-account-long list that is really just one student loan.


I could just add them up and just use one of the 10 accounts (putting the 10-account total in even though that's not how much is in that specific account), but I am wondering if it is possible to force-lump all my loans into one student loan?


Thank you in advance!


Edit: A little more information, I don't want to just put the number in because it wouldn't work right when I am paying it off--the payments will be applied to random "accounts," meaning that the fake total account will become out of date every time I make a payment unless they are all grouped together (not fake total account) and therefore would have all the payments go to the same account. (also moved to better topic)

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  • I would recommend not including your student loans as accounts at all. Just make a category in your budget to pay them back. Check out this article:

    I only have one loan, but I would say this goes double for having ten!

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    • WordTenor Thanks!

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  • Hey  Salmon Wrench , I think WordTenors advice is great!

    The other option is to create one off-budget tracking account (use Other Liability account type when setting it up). Then the starting balance would be whatever you owe to your account at the moment in the outflow. 

    And periodically (every couple months), you can update your balance to adjust how much you owe with a manual balance adjustment like this

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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