Went for Simplicity

I’ve been on YNAB for about a week now. It was a big move for me but, as recommended by YNAB, I closed all my savings accounts and folded them all into my main checking account. They’re now on-budget and set up as categories on YNAB...so oddly LIBERATING and Whamo!...I’m fully buffered.


Other quick wins this week:

1.  Identified some recurring subscription charges on my credit card and cancelled them 

2. Paid off my credit card balance

3  Renegotiated my cell phone and cable bills

4.  Covered an unforseen expense with cash

5 . Green, green everywhere!


Too cool!

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  • Great stuff! I agree reducing the number of accounts and collapsing all balances into one account is much simpler and really provides better insights.

    You are already slashing unnecessary cost out of your budget as well. I am pretty certain you will see an upward trend in your net worth report in the months to come. Keep it up!

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      Optimist  Thank you, sir.  I believe you are right there.  BTW  noticed that you are from Holland in your profile.  I will be undertaking a trans-Atlantic crossing on the Dutch tall ship Oosterschelde in May. Can’t wait! 

  • On our 2nd week of nYNAB and we are doing the same.  7 checking accounts have been dropped to $0 and all we have to do now is call the bank and close them.

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  • AHHH...that makes so much sense. (newbie epiphany here)

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