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Hi there,

Is there a way to retrieve some details about a user (id, email) after an OAuth token has been retrieved? I can only see a list of budgets or accounts for now as the most high-level objects.




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  • 馃憢 chbndrhnns - thanks for trying out the API.  We haven't exposed user level information in the API as of yet.  Can you help me understand the use case you are considering?

  • Of course. If i want to integrate YNAB into my application (and want him to login via the oauth connection), I would like to have a unique identifier of the user (account) in my system. Currently, I do not understand which id I could use for that: 

    - there can be multiple budget ids per user

    - there can be multiple account ids per user.

    If a user object was exposed, I could either use the mail address or the internal id as this identifier.


    Or is there an easier way to achieve this?

  • chbndrhnns  Could you use the access token as a user identifier? 

    Exposing user identifying information (i.e. email) through the API is something we'd have to give careful thought to and are trying to avoid.

  • I am not sure how a temporarily issued id like the access_token could be used for identifying a user through sessions.

    Looking at many examples of , I see that for most backends, there is a way to retrieve at least a user id which is used to identify a user (internal id or email)

    Let me know if I miss something important.

    • chbndrhnns Thanks for the info! The use case makes sense.  I've got pending change that will add a GET /user endpoint that will provide the user id.  It will probably be released next Tuesday.

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  • chbndrhnns This has been released!

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    • Brady at YNAB Sweet, thanks!

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      Brady at YNAB Thanks! I found it in the swagger-client some days ago already!

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