Help! I messed up my savings budget, can it be fixed?

I'm only 2 months into YNAB.  Last month I set up a budget category for a savings goal.   Then, later when I got paid, I transferred money into a savings account from checking.  But I forgot to budget  that amount from my "to Be budgeted" salary inflow to the budget category.   How do I correct this for last month?    Is it even possible?

I'm discovered this when trying to make sure my "available" matched what was in my accounts.  

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  • If you want money budgeted in that category, you'll need to move it around in your budget.

    There's no need to match categories in accounts. You save money by budgeting it to a category and then not spending it. The account the money is in is not relevant.

    The Relationship Between Your Budget & Your Accounts: It’s Complicated

  • The way I do this to keep everything straight is this.

    I have a master budget category for all my mid and long term savings gosls (emergency fund,  car replacement,  ect basically anything i don't expect to need in the next 6 months or so) with individual categories for each specific goal then at the beginning of the month when the previous month's budget won't change anymore i go back look at the combined amount budgeted to that matter category and then transfer that amount from checking to savings.

    As @nolesrule pointed out you don't need to do that you can keep your savings in your checking account and just talk it in your budget categories. The reason I have a separate savings account for these longer term goals is it pays higher interest than my checking account does.

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      Coral Battery The reason I don't do it is because I keep more than just my mid and long term savings in high interest accounts. I only keep what I need very short-term in my checking account.

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