Any Thoughts For Not Getting Trapped Into Retail Therapy?

Afternoon all,

I am day 2 into what could be 18+ weeks of basically bed rest. Already going stir crazy, surfing Amazon and E-Bay just looking at weird stuff, but finding myself saying "that would be nice to have." Tried going to other things but keep returning to it. Any suggestions, distractions, good reads or even good games to pass the time? I have downloaded some "Free" games from the google play store, trying to get into some new ones.

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    • Play Dave Ramsey podcasts or Youtube videos. The stark and dire financial situations of his callers -- a lot of them are in deep doo-doo -- might help keep you in check.
    • Become a YNAB expert. Review all the online videos. Dispense advice and support on YNABs two forums, Facebook group, and/or Reddit group.
    • Real books are always wonderful. Don't just get one or two books.  Get a nice selection of fiction and nonfiction that you might enjoy.

    Sorry to hear about your situation.  I just got off a series of 12-hour days, and I'm walking-exhausted right now. Even so, the prospect of 18+ weeks of bedrest sounds more appalling than appealing.

    • HappyDance When I worked as a CSR in a call center this time of year a 12 hour day was short for me. I thanked GOD that my commute was 10 feet. 

      I have several thousand books on both my Kindle and Amazon apps. I have ready 8 since yesterday. Usually have 3-7 going at anyone time. The DIY and learning stuff make take me months to get through, the cookbooks a year as I try different recipes. 

  • Oof.  I'd like to say that I would personally use the time to learn a new hobby, or actually become proficient at any of the number of things I've picked up for two minutes and then promptly forgot about (knitting! fly tying!) But I'd probably be just as drawn in by the thrall of online shopping as you are. 

    I have an odd suggestion considering you're probably looking for ways to keep your mind busy, but have you thought about taking up meditation? If keeping your mind from seeking harmful distractions is the goal, a short daily practice of awareness and focus may help!

    • Kombucha Kid I got up and set at my desk for a couple of hours, supposed to be none weight baring, Worked on the family tree and also spent about half that time just cleaning out old files, making sure photos had names and backing things up. 

      Not sure what hobbies that I can pick up that I can do sitting down or laying down. I will think on that. 

      Meditation is something I have not really tried, unless you count the guided imagery stuff. 

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      Ruff16965 (05bd62cee897)   Meditation: download Insight Timer on your phone.  It's free and you have thousands of guided meditations on various topics (better sleep, productivity, focus, relaxation, anxiety, ...). Also free courses available.   

      Learning: watch a TedTalk every day.  Many interesting topics and inspiring speakers, also free.  Or learn a new skill online via Khan Academy, also for free.

      Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    • Greet Puttaert I am liking the TedTalk, how I never found it I don't know. Thank you for the lead. 

  • 18 weeks non-weight bearing (NWB) is a long time. You have my sympathy. How are the pain levels? I had a long time of restricted activity after an accident and a couple of surgeries. I had thought that I would get to read loads and catch up on lots of things but a combination of my brain and body shutting down slightly to recover and some fairly hefty painkillers meant I didn't get many of the planned things done. My brain and concentration levels were pretty useless for part of the recovery at least. I watched more TV than was good for me and got to spend a lot of time watching sport. 

    If you're allowed to sit (depends which joint is weight bearing) then I found the adult colouring books suitably distracting. Crafting things e.g. sewing, knitting are possible and they can be graded from the very easiest cross-stitch to quite hard. You could write a blog, research YNAB or other topics, etc but if you're on the computer you're more likely to get diverted to online shopping. I'm not much of a spender on stuff and found that my desire to spend went down when I was out of action because I couldn't do much. 

    For the lying down periods, I basically listened to a lot of podcasts and used the time to connect with people (email or phone - unless people came to visit).

    With my ex-physio head on, remember that no doctor would make you (NWB) unless it was absolutely necessary so do try and stick within those restrictions. You definitely have to learn patience and get slightly zen about it. And REST. Your body needs it. Good luck.

    • monkeyhanger I broke my left foot about 26-27 months ago. The ex-girlfriend had 6 kids, so things were bought in large cans and shoes were generally not worn in the house. Between just moving into the state and all that entails kids appointments and then half of them ending up in the hospital for extended stays never had it checked out. After a month stopped bothering me, would flare up and be uncomfortable anywhere from several hours to a day. A couple of months ago it hurt for over a month that I could not walk without almost crying and I have a very high pain tolerance.

      The worse part of being NWB is that the doctor is not even sure that will help, it might be too long after and just be something chronic that I will have to deal with.

      Part of my shopping or looking is that I am planning a move to a place of my own and between divorce and ex-girlfriend got back to my parents with just my pickup filled up, and 95% of that was books. 

      Cross stitch.....I have several patterns that I have been dragging along for years trying to find someone to make them for me.

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      Ruff16965 (05bd62cee897) then you have a lot going on and have to deal with the frustrations of NWB at the same time. At least if it's your foot you are allowed to sit which gives you a few more options. If you don't want to spend, then search out activities that avoid being on the computer. Conversely, if you need to buy new stuff because of the current situation, then it's the perfect time to do research (but possibly remove your credit cards from online so that you can't spend without a bit more effort).

      Good luck with it all.

  • I'm sorry to hear about your situation, that sounds tough.

    One of the best (but probably most difficult) things to do is to actually feel the feelings that are behind the desire to shop. At the beginning you might not change the behaviour but simply pausing and asking yourself what you're feeling as you put things in your cart or go to check out might help.

    As I said, it's not the easy route because it means becoming conscious of the feelings you're likely trying to avoid. In my experience with other addictions both personally (and professionally as a clutter coach), simply naming what I might be feeling is super helpful and usually leads to  getting more support and/or changing my behaviour. This combined with having "healthier" ways of passing the time would make a big difference. Awareness is a powerful tool. 

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    A lot of good advice on this post!  I'm new to the forums and I'm just sorta browsing around and found this. I have a few quick things to add. I apologize in advance if I repeat anything:

    1. I don't think anyone has recommended that you listen to the YNAB podcast.  The newer episodes are typically less than 5 - 10 minutes, and they're very informative.
    2. Reading books is a great suggestion that has been mentioned above. If possible, read FREE books available from your library or through your eReader if you have one.
    3. The downtime could be a great chance for you to consider 2019 changes.
    4. Camp out on these forums, even if you don't actually contribute. There are some very good posts here.

    Hoping your recovery goes well!

    • DnA Thank you for the suggestions. I have listened to all the YNAB podcasts, working on the YouTube Whiteboard Wednesdays right now. I have 2 tablets with Nook, Kindle and a couple of other reading apps, plus a Kindle paper white. Plenty of books on there and I get a couple of new books each day or so from Bookbub. 


      Cornflower Blue Viper I know where the desire to spend comes from poor impulse control and self soothing behavior that is part of my Bi-Polar II disorder. The meds and a lot of will power work to curb the day to day it is when something really out of the ordinary pops up, like being basically chained to the bed and my desk chair that I have troubles. I plan to address it with my shrink, but my next appointment is not until the end of next month, yes January. 

      Clutter coach? Is that what I think it is? If so I have a couple of questions if I can.


      monkeyhanger Research sounds good, but I have know that this move was coming since May 2017, I have a wish list on Amazon for each room that I am furnishing with the stuff I need, in some cases several of the same item in case the price goes crazy on one or it goes out of stock.  Really good on planning and research, I actually do that as a side hustle. 

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