Credit card transactions not importing

Two of the credit cards I use have not been importing transactions for close to a month now. MBNA Canada and American Express. This is a feature I depend heavily on. What could be causing this?? Please I need a solution.

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  • Hi Tomato Major !

    Have you already tried our troubleshooting steps? More specifically, have you tried to “remove” the connection (not the account!) and then re-connect?

    To start, you’ll remove the connection to this financial institution:

    1. Select your budget name in the top left-hand corner and choose Manage Connections from the drop-down menu.
    2. Then Remove the connection(s) to this financial institution, confirm removal and close the window.

    Then you’ll reconnect your account(s) to a fresh connection:

    3. Hover over the existing account(in the left sidebar) and click on the edit icon. 
    4. Select Link Account > Add New Connection. Search for the financial institution, and follow the prompts.

    If you’ve already tried this, or if you get to the end and you still can’t get connected, just let me know! :)

    • Faness I’m on mobile for now. Ive gone and unlinked the account and then relinked it. Does that do the same thing? I can try to get on a pc if need be.

    • Tomato Major I just wanted to check in and make sure you know we're still working on the issue with MBNA. It's a widespread issue but we're hoping to hear back from our Direct Import partner in the near future! :)

  • Ok it seems to have worked for Amex. However when I try to add a new connection for MBNA it is no longer available as a bank.

  • This is the second time I've tried YNAB and the second time the ONLY thing preventing me from continuing to us it is the fact that you cannot get MBNA to import. Why? This is possibly THE most important feature and it doesn't work. So frustrating. Please, be honest, why doesn't this work? What can I do? Do I go to MBNA and threaten to leave as a client? Help! Please. 

    • Maroon Elk I see you've been in touch with support (thank you!) and I just sent you an email.

  • I've also been having trouble linking with I've submitted a ticket as well a few minutes ago. My other institutions linked ok.

    It fails to send me a security code when linking with YNAB. But with my mbna bank website, I do receive security codes.

    • Slate Blue Wildebeest Thanks for getting in touch with support! I've just sent you an email.

  • How did this get sorted? I too am having trouble connecting my MBNA Mastercard account. Can someone help?

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