Credit Card Payment Category baffles me

Hi.  I've been reading through many many posts, but i still can't master how to use credit cards in my budget.

For the third month in a row, i've started fresh at the beginning of the month to try and get everything to work out correctly.  My problems are always with the Credit Card.  

I have an existing balance on my credit card that i'm trying to pay off.  I created a budget called 'Chase Credit Card'  under the budget category 'Credit Card Payments'

I have money in my savings account and transfer it to my checking account.  This gets marked as 'transfer from x' and transfer to x'.  I'm fine with this.

I use the money in my checking account to make a payment to my credit card.

Under my credit card account in YNAB, the transaction appears as an inflow with  "Payment:Checking"  and no category/budget is needed.

In my checking account account in YNAB, the transaction appears as an outflow with 'Payment:Chase" and no category/budget is needed.

How do i get this payment to be reflected in my 'Credit Card Payments' budget?  

In the mobile app, 'Credit Card Payments' doesn't even appear when i'm looking for a budget to assign.

Also.. along the same lines, i had a return from Kohls, which was an inflow to my Credit Card.  I don't want this money to go into a general budget it, i want it go into my "credit card payments" category, but I can't figure out how to do it ;(  

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  • When you enter the transfer it should reduce the amount of money in the available bubble in the credit card payments section


    Give the return the category ‘to be budgeted’. It won’t actually go into your TBB number, just reduce the amount due on your card. 

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  • HI Sea Green Piccolo !

    When you add a credit card, YNAB sets up the Credit Card Payments category group. Transfers to and from your credit card accounts are handled in a special way. Payments to the credit card from your checking account will automatically affect your credit card category Available amount - you don't have to select a category for this to happen (YNAB won't let you, as you noticed). :)

    Also, if you're making a payment for a past balance, you'll want to budget more funds towards your credit card category - make sure your credit card category Available amount either matches or exceeds the amount you plan to pay.

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  • Sea Green Piccolo said:
    How do i get this payment to be reflected in my 'Credit Card Payments' budget?  

     By using the built-in category for your CC instead of the one that you created.

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  • Nick True has a great video explaining how credit cards work in YNAB.


    He has a few other getting started videos as well.

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