API down?

  The status page says everything is fine, but I have been unable to create transactions since yesterday. I'm developing something that uses the API, and without making any code changes I have started getting HTTP 500 errors.

Tried reaching out on Twitter but haven't heard anything back yet.. Either I'm somehow doing something wrong, but since the API doesn't tell me details I have no way of knowing.

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  • It's working for me.  I was able to create a transaction just now.

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  • It's still throwing HTTP 500's at me for creating transactions... No idea what is causing it. I can list the budget and other things just fine.

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  • Uh I figured it out. If you use non-existing accountIds, it won't throw any sensible errors at you.. :/ 

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  • Gray Nomad Sorry you ran into that issue.  I was able to repro locally and wrote a PR for the fix. It just needs internal review and should be released next Tuesday.  I'll write back here when it's live.

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    • I should have mentioned the "fix" is a better error message so you'll know the specific reason for the failure: 'Account does not exist in this budget.'

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  • Ok, the fix is reviewed, tested, and queued up for the next push (Tuesday).

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  • Gray Nomad The fix has been deployed to production. You should now get a 404 (instead of 500) response with a payload:

        "error": {
            "id": "404",
            "name": "not_found",
            "detail": "Account does not exist in this budget."

    Thanks for letting us know about the bug!

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  • Great, thanks! :-)

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