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Good day.

I am still new and learning the ropes but very happy with the potential i see with YNAB. Please can you assist on how I edit under Activity on my budget to load my spend against the budgeted?


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  • Record your income/expenses in your account.  It will show up under the budget.
    But I would first suggest you find some videos to get oriented:

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    Not sure I understand what you are asking for?  Are you asking how to enter your spending?  Have you taken the getting started classes?  They can be very informative.  

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    The figures in the Activity column are updated when you enter a transaction to a given category. That column tracks your 'activity' via your actual transactions.

  • Welcome to You Need A Budget, Philligean Musema !

    The Activity column is the sum of all transactions that have been made in that category for the current month. You'll see that update as you enter transactions.

    To jump in with both feet, I recommend taking a workshop or two! A great place to start is with the “Learn the Four Rules” one. 🙂 Let us know if we can do anything to help you along the way!  

  • Thank you team am answered. 

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