Discover Card "temporarily delayed"

So how long should I accept "temporarily delayed" before trying something new - it's been temporarily delayed since Sept 9th.

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  • Just another vote that it is high time to fix this. Mint and Personal Capital both work great. I agree with the suggestions to work with a different partner instead. This is core functionality for YNAB as a product.

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  • Alright Nicole and Faness we’ve been without direct import for well over a month now.  It seems like YNAB either doesn’t care about its users with discover accounts or is not apt to deal with this issue.  Either way it doesn’t look good for this company.  I’ve been using file based import for a month which is simple but not what we pay for.  I don’t know who needs to hear this but you have a lot of unsatisfied customers.  It should not even have to be said that you should refund discover users for the amount that they have paid during this period.  I know you’ve suggested we just cancel our remaining subscription without a refund of the period we have been without direct import. That’s completely unacceptable.  We still have to do work to set up ynab.  We’re paying for a product that is not delivering as advertised or promised.  In fact, users who primarily use discover are doing all the work now to get what they need from your software.  

    Also, downloading a quicken file and dragging it to ynab failed to upload today.  It said that there were no valid transactions to import when I’ve been keeping a separate spreadsheet and I know there are at least three that should have been imported. 

    I’m not sure what’s going on there but I now have no direct import AND no file based import.

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    • Nicole I also requested that we be updated and kept more in the loop on the progress of this issue four weeks ago on this forum. There hasn’t been a status update on the issue since that day so I guess no progress has been made. 

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    • Sarah Thomas They've said that the problem is Discover has changed things so that only a few providers can pull the necessary data. At that point there's literally nothing YNAB can do and probably not much their third-party provider can even do. It's not a bug that needs fixed, it's essentially a contract negotiation. Hard to give status updates about a contract negotiation between two external companies.

      Considering it seems like every other budgeting app and service seems to work it seems that they're all going through one of those three or so providers, so maybe a better question for YNAB is why they aren't ditching their current partner for one of the other ones. If I had to guess that's probably also a contract thing.

      It sucks. So it goes.

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    • Maroon Rain so it goes.  I don’t think it’s out of the question to get a status update on their status page that says what you assume is happening.  At least that they actually are having contract negotiations.  I also think they should have a concession for those that this has affected.  

      Of course we should give them time to resolve the problem, whatever it may be, but with increased time we should also be able to share our concerns, how the issue has affected us, and that we want the problem escalated.  

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    • Sarah Thomas Agree. And I could be inferring incorrectly, but that's how the whole situation reads to me. Maybe one of the support people will chime in.

    • Hi Maroon Rain  and Sarah Thomas !

      Sorry for the trouble! We last updated our status page October 11th with the information we were given in regards to Discover.

      Discover announced this change as a result of security updates, so only certain financial software will be able to connect (big names, like Quicken or Quickbooks). Our import partner is currently working with Discover to make the necessary changes in order to allow their integration to connect,  so it's currently being handled at the partnership level. They're doing everything they can to regain Discover's permission and clearance to connect.

      As we work to close out Bank Importing threads in the forum, we'll be reaching out to each of you individually to make sure your account is tagged so we can follow up directly once this is resolved. We hope to reach out to everyone within the next couple of weeks, but if you don't want to wait, you can reach out to [email protected] with any concerns regarding a refund.

      We hope to see Discover back up and running soon and we'll continue to work with our import partner on this issue!

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  • It's as if YNAB's current import partner is fracking useless - and costing YNAB money through abandoned accounts.

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  • I thought a YNAB rep explained earlier that the aggregation partner had to rebuild their entire platform to accommodate Discover's changes.  That's out of YNAB's hands and a huge undertaking. I now have a credit card from Synchrony Bank that won't download.  Having covered the personal finance app space for years, I get how damaging this is to a company and I understand that YNAB does care about us. However, I hope YNAB is actively seeking a different vendor for the aggregation part of the app. YNAB may have a contract with that partner, but that partner has effectively not lived up to their side of that agreement. Therefore, YNAB should be able to move on to another partner to save the business. I know data aggregation services are very expensive. I'm sure most YNAB subscribers would pay a few dollars more to have reliable aggregation. Yes, you can get your downloads for free from Mint, but you pay for the service by enduring the ads and agreeing to allow Mint to collect marketing data from you. You pay one way or another.  YNAB - please find another aggregator! Preferably a company that keeps updated on upcoming trends and changes in the business.

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    • Hi Shelley E !

      We appreciate you being so understanding! You're right - Discover changed their connection requirements, so our import partner has to rebuild their integration to meet Discover's new standards. At the moment, Discover is only expected to work with certain financial software (big names, like Quicken or Quickbooks). 

      We understand this is a large inconvenience and we're working on alternatives for the future to improve the direct import experience.

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    • Faness 


      i have been waiting patiently for the fix. Like some others mentioned, the automatic import from Discover is one of the top reasons I paid for this app. I am concerned about your message and hope it is just the wording you used. You wrote that Discover is expected only to work with some entities. Can you confirm that a solution has been identified that we are working toward to get the list? In other words, is it possible that even if the partner rebuilds their standards, might they not get on the list?

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    • Turquoise Grizzly Sorry for the scare! Our import partner is working with Discover directly so that the integration can be rebuilt to Discover's specifications. It's taking them some time, but since this is being addressed on the partnership level, we do expect a solution - we just can't be certain how long it will take.

    • Faness 


      Thank you. I will keep waiting but if this is not resolved within the next few weeks I will have to end use of YNAB and move on to another solution.

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  • YNAB,

    It's been nearly 2 months that this connection has been broken; that is unacceptable. Pawning the issue off on Discover or your import partner is equally unacceptable. We users, are paying YOU a yearly fee to use your service and part of that service has been inoperable for 15% of the year.  Two months later there is still no indication of when this will be resolved. 

    What is your plan to compensate users for this ongoing outage? Discount on next year's renewal?

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    • Hi Cadet Blue Door , Turquoise Grizzly and Orange Zebra !

      Sorry for the trouble! We're closing out Bank Importing threads in the forum to make sure these issues are better resolved.

      I sent you each an email so that we can follow up with you directly with any updates for this issue with Discover. We understand direct import has a big impact for some YNABers and we're working to get this connection back up and running. 

      I know direct import issues are frustrating, and I completely understand where you’re coming from. It does feel unfair to pay for something when it isn’t working as expected—I get that.

      Ultimately though, we don't offer compensation (or full refunds without complete cancellation) for Direct Import issues. Data aggregation is imperfect. It’s an unfortunate truth, but it’s a truth nonetheless. It’s expected that there will be bumps in the road, and while we do everything we possibly can to fix them as quickly as possible, it’s just not something we have the power to eliminate (and trust me, we really wish we did).

      We'll continue to work towards a solution here and we'll let you know once we have one!

      Replies in this thread have been turned off, but you can respond to those emails with any further questions.

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    • Cadet Blue Door 


      given their past responses in this thread they may indicate that the automatic import is not a critical app function. However, I can tell you that I would not have paid for a subscription if the auto import for Discover did not exist.

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    • Turquoise Grizzly I would not have paid for the subscription either, if the auto import didn't exists FWIW.

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