You know your spouse is on board when...

...this is the text he sends you.

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  • Yay!  Especially for joint money, spouse on board has only got to make things way easier.  

    While YNAB is my baby, spouse is along for the ride, undoubtedly in part because I luvs it so.  And also because I'm making sure that his priorities are taken into account too.  Thankfully we've always had periodic money talks about how we're doing, but they're more fun now.  This week I said, hey, look , we're paid off X amount of debt since we started YNAB but look at the huge increase in on budget assets! 

    OTOH, while I do appreciate that he inputs his transactions, I'ma cut somebody if anyone else puts their paws on the budget and starts changing things.  No touchie!  If you don't like the goal, talk to me, don't do something about it!

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      Technicolor Cheetah oh he doesn’t WAM anything. He wouldn’t dare (and since he’s still mastering split transactions I don’t think he’d even try). He was not into it at first but now he loves it. Mainly because he doesn’t have to deal with me asking him what was this expense for and why did you spend money on that. The budget is actually freeing. As long as we stay within the budget, generally no questions asked. 

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      Oh, boy, do I not miss that part.  Going over the credit card statements, "What did you buy for $23.76 on xx/xx on Amazon?"  Not that I wanted to know, necessarily, I just needed to be sure that our credit card number had not been stolen.  

      And yes, I had to walk my spouse through split transactions, he was bemused.  I told him that when I go to Costco, I usually have three or more categories - this week I had 6 in one transaction!  I think I got him on board when he said, "I'd like x piece of equipment," so we made it a wish list item, put it on the wish farm and it was fully funded within 3-4 months.  Usually he would have had to buy that out of his fun money because I would have said, nooo, too expensive right now.   But I was very lucky, he was willing to try it right out of the box, so to speak.

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