Credit Cards all tangled up and wrong, possible to reset or restart?

I added two credit cards to track, but now I'll only be using one card.

The credit card has been used in YNAB, so I'm wondering is it possible to start over, remove the old card, add a blank card and go back through the transactions? It seems like it's not possible to delete the old one, only hide it.


What's the best option for me here? Since it's a big mess of payments that are in wrong places, cards that don't add up.

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  • HI Pilfton !

    Did you pay off that credit card? If so, we suggest paying it down to a $0 balance in YNAB and then closing the account. That way, you'll still have the account history in case you want to reference it in the future.

    However, if the history is wrong and you want to start over, you can Fresh Start or create a new budget.

    Fresh Start

    • Click the name of your budget (upper left corner).
    • Choose Make a Fresh Start from the menu.
    • In your new budget, enter your starting balances as of today (if they don't automatically import). This step allows your transactions to start importing—don't skip it!

    This feature allows you to keep your categories, goals, and scheduled transactions, but clears out all budgeting and transaction history. First, YNAB will archive a copy of your current budget for reference.

    New Budget

    If you would prefer a completely blank slate, you can create a brand new budget instead. You'll still have your current budget in case you need to refer back.

    • Click the name of your budget (upper left corner).
    • Select New Budget.

    If you need any help as you restart, we offer a workshop called Restart your YNAB Budget.

    We think of budgeting as a process. Every experience you have, including starting again, makes you a better budgeter.

    If this gives you any trouble, please don't hesitate to let us know! :)

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