Reconcile and compare with your bank... looking for $0.04 cents 😲

I was literally looking for a $0.04 cent difference from my YNAB and actual bank balance.  I just couldn't figure it out and didn't want to waste too much time searching. So I did a manual reconcile( printed out my bank statement and put a line through transactions as I checked them off which were accounted for) I am not sure how to do a reconcile with the push of the button yet.  So........Voila! there appears the  $0.04 cent that I was looking for.  I was so happy to find it and not loose my time and mind.

I think moral of the story is: "Reconcile and compare with your bank", it will save you a lot of time and you won't have to feel like an accountant because that is not my gift. I guess that's why accountants get paid the big bucks!

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  • Hi RAH !

    I'm happy you were able to find that missing $0.04 cents! Since you know your accounts currently match YNAB perfectly, it's a perfect time to reconcile. If you click on your account and then click on the Reconcile button in the top right, you'll be asked to confirm your current account balance. As long as it's correct, your account will be reconciled and green lock icons will appear next to your current transactions (as a reference point for all transactions that have been accounted for in that reconciliation - like how you crossed each one off on your print out!).

    If your account balance didn't match, you'd be given the option to enter a Balance Adjustment to add the difference (but we don't suggest that for big differences). :)

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