How to use GOALs?

I have attempted to use Goals but was unable to  fiqure out how it works. I've budgeted for it, but it states I have 0 dollars for it. I want to have the goal to save $1,000. It states that It will take 14 months and $73.82 per month. So I got stuck there and don't know how to properly use GOALS. Thanks in advance! 

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  • How did you budget for $1000 if you didn't have $1000 saved up? And if you have $1000 saved up, why do you need a goal? Don't budget money that you don't have! That's the first rule of YNAB.

    There are several types of goals and if you don't use the right type, it's not going to help you. Do you need to have $1000 saved by a particular date? That's a Target Balance by Date Goal. If you just need $1000 at some point before you can pull the trigger on an expenditure, but the when isn't important, That's a Target Balance Goal. If you are trying to save $X/month, that's a monthly funding goal. The goal calculator takes into account whatever is already existing in the category, so if you've saved $1000 but you need an additional $1000, then your goal needs to be $2k not $1k. Also if you have a goal to save up $X by December for Christmas shopping, but you start buying in October, you will have to manually adjust your goal each time you buy something because the goal isn't smart enough to figure that out.

    I opt not to use goals. If I'm saving up $1000, I'll know I've reached the goal when the balance says $1000, so I don't like the extra visual clutter.

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  • Here is a link, . They explain the goals feature much better than I can. It is less than 2 minutes.

    I normally recommend the live classes if you come up with any questions, they are a big help with understanding.  However, the recorded class doesn't seem to cover your questions?  Try the link above for better information.  They update the classes regularly and the current live class might include what you are looking for, or maybe I could help, if you tag me in your next post.  

    Unlike jenmas, I love the goals and use them all, for just about everything.  

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