Budgeting goals while spending from that pot

I have set up a goal to save money for Christmas. We had some money already saved and we are still adding to the pot, but we are spending from that pot at the same time if that makes sense. So I want to budget £400 total for everything for Christmas (food, presents, stamps etc) but because I started shopping this month it removes all that money from the goal. I hope this makes sense. I don't want to go over the £400 but it would be nice to know when I have all the money I've budgeted in that pot. 

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  • Right now your only option is to adjust the goal each time you spend from the category or switch to a monthly funding goal which only works if you budget the same minimum each month. 

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  • Hi Tight Rope Walker !

    I'd suggest a Monthly Funding Goal, like Jenmas mentioned. A Monthly Funding Goal only tacks the amount budgeted, so you can spend money from that category without throwing off your goal progress. Let's say you already spent £100, so you still want to budget £300 before the end of the year. Set a Monthly Funding Goal for £100 (October, November and December), and you can continue to buy gifts as Christmas approaches.

    Once you meet your goal, you can delete it. :)

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  • Thanks both. Neither of these are really going to work as a method for me, so I think I'll have to keep a goal record outside of the YNAB system for this one. Good to know there wasn't some feature I didn't know about at least. 

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      Tight Rope Walker I don't use goals at all because of this type of thing. I'm at the point where I budget the same exact amount to Christmas each month and then whatever is left in the category at the end of my shopping (I buy Christmas cards and wrapping paper for the next year in the days after the holiday) gets moved to my charity category and donated on the 31st so I start the new year with a clean slate.

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  • How do you suggest new features? I am having this same issue where i have a target amount that i want to save for a particular category but i want to track what iv'e already spent. Maybe having the ability to create a spending goal instead of a savings goal? Example ... If I set a spending goal of $500 and i've spent $250 then i'm 50% there on spending. It would still require me to budget for that category, but i wouldn't show that i'm short on my goal when I don't want to keep adding money to that category. 

    • Hi Ivory Falafel !

      You can submit a Feature Request with this form. It goes straight to our development team!

      They collect every bit in a database. Just about every day, they go through all of it and code it, asking questions like Where is this person in their budgeting journey? What problem are they wanting to solve? Then, in regular research cycles, they analyze all this collected feedback to plan for what’s next  in YNAB. 

  • I had a realization as we were talking about this on the old forum that this goal functionality is already built into the software. This is how multiple scheduled transactions work: the warning looks to see if the correct amount is budgeted, and ignores any outflows in the activity column. I budget $60/mo for my various entertainment subscriptions and they come out at different times. But the fact that on February 4 I will spend $4 on the New York Times doesn’t turn the category orange even though thee is now $56 left, because $60 is still budgeted. 

    All that is needed to make a goal like this is just to apply the same logic over a longer timeframe. 

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    • WordTenor How do you get the category to not to turn orange in the scenario that you described? I set a monthly goal and budget $500 per month for groceries for example, but when the amount reduces to $450 it turns orange 

      • mamster
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      Ivory Falafel It only turns orange if you take money out of the category by reducing the amount budgeted, not due to spending.

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