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I'm new to YNAB but I really like it. I have a question and I sure hope it's a simple one. 

My partner and I split our monthly rent. Since he pays the bill from his account, I transfer my portion of the rent to him. This transfer typically happens between the 25th or the 1st of the month. Okay so now you have the background! 

For this month, I transferred July rent money on July 1st. This past week, I transferred him August rent money on July 25th. 

However YNAB, is saying that I've spent 1400 on rent in July which is technically true, but that money should be associated with my August budget.

Is there a way to make the July 25th transaction hit my August YNAB budget? I tried changing the July 25th transaction date to August 1st, but then it converted to the transaction to  "future payment." This isn't accurate either because it's making my ledger seem like I still have those funds in my account, which I clearly don't. 


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  • Your budget needs to reflect reality. If you have the rent money budgeted in August but you paid it to your roommate in July, you have to move the money from your August budget back to your July budget.

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  • Cyan Falafel said:
    that money should be associated with my August budget.

     Why is that?

    I mean, you buy groceries today for dinner three days from now but you're OK dating the transaction for today, right? The time period that money is "for" is irrelevant. 

    The relevant month is the one of the outflow. If you commonly pay at the end of the month, then arrange for the category to be full at the end of the month -- before the outflow. If you happen to delay payment a few days into the following month, that money will happily sit in the category.

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