To Link Accounts or Not to Link

I'm trying to figure out the best methodology.  From my understanding, linking accounts would eliminate the need to manually enter transactions, correct?  The downside though from reading is that the accounts transactions don't show up fast in YNAB (which is due to the banks) is that correct?  Is updating transactions on a set time in YNAB (like it checks every hour) or is it manual.  I hear many people prefer manual.  Would love some opinions to figure out what I think may work best for me.  Thanks 

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  • Another aspect is the psychological part of entering manually: It *feels* as if you are spending money of you are doing something related to the spending (for example entering into your budget).

    But then, I'm not a US citizen so I do not really have an option either :P 

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  • Manual entry is meant to be the primary method of updating your budget. The importing of transactions is meant to be a back up/double check. If you rely solely on import, your budget will always be 2-3 days out of date and how can you make good spending decisions if none of your category balances are up to date?

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  • Hi Mr. Alex !

    Even when using direct import, we suggest using manual entry - that way direct import acts as a safety net to catch anything that may have been missed and your budget is up to date as you enter your transactions.

    We check for transactions every morning and when you access the app if we haven't imported within the last 8 hours. It's not unusual to see a delay of a day or two depending on when your bank clears transactions and are made available for import.

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  • I link them all, with no shame! However, my age of money is not within 2-3 days (that it can sometimes take to completely show up), so it's not a big deal to me if things are slightly out of sync by a day or two, even on a rolling basis.

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  • I do both. I enter transactions manually (keeps me honest) and then when the transaction downloads from either the bank or the credit card company, it automatically matches it to the existing transaction I've entered manually. For me, that's the best of both worlds. My account is always up to date and I don't ever miss any transactions.

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  • Thanks everyone.  I appreciate it.

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