Password Protect Budgets?

Is there a way to password protect individual budgets?  We share with our younger kids, but they don't need to see our budget.

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  • It'll cost $85 per budget pet year to do so. A separate account is the only option.

  • Hi TeamTJ !

    Currently, there isn't an option to password protect individual budgets, but you can let our Product Team know you'd like to see this option by submitting a Feature Request. In the meantime, there may be an API integration that Works with YNAB that helps. We don't support the community built integrations, so you'd have to reach out to the creator if you have any trouble, but the Family Budgets add-on may help. :)

  • Seconding (or thirding) this request. Being able to password protect individual budgets would be super-useful.

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  • I hope YNAB would implement this. I'm about to share YNAB with my girlfriend, but I don't want her to see my personal finance. What I want is a join budget (account) for both of us.

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    • Freddie Fabregas Easily done for a mere $7 a month. 😉

      Seriously, though, there are some add-ons that give read-only access to selected categories, which may be enough of a workaround for the time being.  Here's one that won 2nd place in the YNAB API contest (2018). Disclaimer: I haven't used it, but it seems like it covers the bases from the description.

      I'm sure there are others at this point, since the API has been out for ages.

  • Yes, I would also like this as would prefer our kids don't see our family budget when they are working on their own one.

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  • Yeah, it would be really great for parents who want to teach their kids how to YNAB to be able to do so without the fear of their kids "accidentally" going into the family budget and messing things up.  If more people submit a feature request for this maybe we'll get it.  :)

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