"Cash" transfers in my bank account showing up in my literal "cash" account on YNAB

I have two budgets on YNAB, "Personal" and "Business".  In my Personal YNAB budget I have a second "account", which I call Cash Transferred From Business.  It lets me keep track of cash payments I bring home from work every week. I record them in my Business account as Income. I then record withdrawing those cash funds. I then record them in my Cash Transferred from Business account and put the money in my purse, where I can then use it at the store. For some reason, YNAB is listing "cash" -not really cash but funds - moved from my Business account online to my Personal checking account in both my Personal account AND my Cash Transferred From Business account. Yet that Cash Transferred From Business account is not linked to my bank. I had already reconciled my accounts when I noticed this error. YNAB tells me that if I delete it from my Cash Transferred From Business account, it will also delete from my Personal account. Why is that and what do I do about it? Thanks so much. 

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  • This is weird. Have you ever entered a transfer to or from your Personal checking account to your Cash Transferred from Business account? If so, it could be automatically categorizing other transactions as transfers. But that wouldn't make sense if the transaction is showing up as a credit in both accounts... Huh. I'd definitely contact support on this one.

  • Hi Navy Blue Harp !

    This definitely sounds odd. Are you able to post a screenshot of what you're seeing on your end?

    If I'm reading things right, that amount is showing in both of your accounts - correct? When a transfer is entered to show funds moving from one account to another, it should show in one account as an outflow and in the other account as an inflow. Is that what you're seeing but things aren't adding up?

    Let me know and we'll go from there! :)

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