Massive influx and outflux, but 'to be budgeted' remains huge?

In June I sold my house and quite a big amount came into my bank account. I also booked that on to my savings account, in the same month. Now in YNAB it still shows this big amount as 'to be budgeted', as if it's still available. Should it not be lowered by the number I booked on to my savings account? I know there is not category for it to go out from, since it's a booking to another 'account' in YNAB. I don't see how this works?

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    • Can we agree that goals are dumb and immature? Sure.
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    What are you holding that money for? If your savings is on budget, and it should be, you need to specify the purpose of all your money. If it is for “sit around until I buy the next house”, then you need a “Next House Downpayment” category and the money needs budgeted there. 

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  • Hi Winterlover !

    WordTenor is exactly right! Consider what you want to use those funds towards, and then create categories for them!

    – Here's an article showing you how to handle Savings.
    – Take a look at this 7-minute Whiteboard Wednesday about savings.
    – Attend a free workshop about savings called Reach your Savings Goals!

  • Aaah yes of course, that makes a lot of sense :-) Fixed it! :-) Thanks for your replies WordTenor and Faness !

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