New Month - To Be Budgeted Wrong

I started using YNAB at the beginning of June.

Though I did not initially understand this point, I have corrected budget amounts for early July payments by budgeting for them in July (not as a double payment in June).

That being said, June shows $0 as I would expect.  July shows -$6.  If I fund this overbudget by clicking the -$6 to be budgeted and fund it from a positive category to zero out July,  when I then scroll back to June, it is +$6.

Also, in July it says I overspent $6 in June, but in 

I'm at a loss as to where this discrepancy is coming from as the Budgeted in June amount, and budgeted in Future amount are identical to my funds for June amount.

Any thoughts?

$24,359.51 Funds for Jun
$0.00 Overspent in May
($22,794.11) Budgeted in Jun
($1,565.40) Budgeted in Future
1,565.40 Funds for Jul
($6.00) Overspent in Jun
($1,565.40) Budgeted in Jul
$0.00 Budgeted in Future
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  • Solved my own problem...

    It is because I'd attributed $6 to Interest & Fees for ATM fees that I'd pulled from a "Cash" balance I had to keep track of the cash.

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    • Bill Great job figuring that one out! The month roll overs can take some getting used to when just starting out.

      If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :)

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