ATM transaction for next month

So, I track my "blow money"/cash as an item. I give myself $20 each month, pull it out to that line item, and spend as I wish. Yesterday (5/30), I was already near the ATM and so pulled out my $20 intended to be used in June (starting tomorrow). Is there a best practice to track this sort of thing?

I tried to leave as $20 overbudget in May and cover with $20 budgeted in June, expecting to zero out, but instead it showed $20 available in June. I don't want to future-date the transaction which would easily fix it, of course, but is a hack.


Anyone have suggestions?


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  • Create a cash account.  Show the withdrawal as a transfer to the cash account, then record it as spent from the cash account on June 1.  If you only do this when you take cash early, the cash account will show you a record of when you took the cash out before the first of the month.  You preserve accurate dates on your checking account register.

    Alternatively, you could track cash transactions as you make them; but I get the impression you don't want to do that with this money.

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  • I was also wondering how to handle ATM cash withdrawals, along with the actual category of spending...

    I currently just record the ATM withdrawal as an expense in a Category called "ATM Withdrawal",
    so it reflects the "expense" transaction from the checking account. 

    But then, I don't really have any Category record of the spending of that cash.....

    SO - how should I setup or modify handling of these ATM cash withdrawals,
    and the subsequent spending of the cash - in my existing Categories ?

    --> Checking Account cash withdrawal (recorded as ATM/Cash Category "expense")
    ---> Spend cash .... not sure how or where to record this transaction, capturing the existing Category

  • Finally figured it out.... I think.

    Cash Account - not obvious how to create this type of account.... not mentioned anywhere.
    - Add Account - READ the top text, but it doesn't actually mention "Cash Account",
    so never just "continued" without setting up the connection type account.

    Choose a Financial Institution
    Add more accounts from these connected institutions
    or continue without a connected institution.

    - after setting up the "Cash Account" - things become possible, just needs some effort.

    - download the ATM Cash Withdrawal transaction
    - then either edit/change/modify that transaction to reflect a "transfer" into the Cash Account
    - the key is the PAYEE field - which, when edited,
    will show the option to Transfer to the listed Cash Account

    SO - for me - the key missing pieces were....
    (1) figuring out the existence and logistics of setting up a Cash Account
    (2) figuring out how to transfer the cash withdrawn from Checking into the Cash Account

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