I need 2 instances of the app on my phone

I need 2 instances of the app on my phone, for two separate budgets : one for me and one for the joint account with my wife.  I dont want to have to switch budget within one app each time I want to use one or the other budget; that it too unpractical. Is there a way to do this? 
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  • Hi Jonas !

    Currently, there isn't a way to have the YNAB app downloaded on your phone twice. From what I'm understanding, you'd like to download the app twice so that each icon takes you to the requested budget, is that right? For now, you have to select to switch budgets within the app in order to see separate budgets, but you can let our Product Team know you'd like to have this option by submitting a Feature Request.

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      Faness  thanks for the reply. Yes you described it perfectly well.  Having thought about it since, I suppose if you had two subscriptions to YNAB, it would work!  Maybe an idea would be that YNAB could offer a discount on the second one... will give that feedback to  Feature Request.  

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    • Jonas vS Thank you for taking the time to submit that feature request! We hope to improve the experience for YNABers who budget with partners in the future. :)

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      Faness  better than paying for multiple accounts which would not solve the op problem would be widgets that take you directly to a particular budget.

  • Ditto…I also need to have two separate YNAB accounts.  It is impossible on the same phone.  The first problem is you can’t even download a second YNAB on your phone.  When you search it in the App Store it says “open” instead of “get.”   There are many reasons this is important.   I currently have the second budget in the current app which is a pain to open and way too easy to accidentally input the wrong amount to the wrong budget.   Not to mention…privacy.  

    • Silver Piano Well, it's not impossible. You would just have to log out of one YNAB account and then into another. A PITA, sure, but not impossible.

      I'm curious - what privacy concerns do you have? If you need a separate YNAB account from your spouse for privacy reasons, I would assume they would not have access to your phone with passkey/bio credentials. You control that.

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