Can I save a report I have created?

Every month, I want to see a report with specific expense categories, and I want it to be for the time period of Last Month.  Is there a way, once I have specified all of the filters and am viewing the report, to save it?  This way, next month, I don't have to search for those same categories to create the same report.

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  • Hi Sean Montgomery !

    Sorry for the late response here - this thread somehow slipped through the cracks!

    When you filter information in a report, those filters remain in place until you change them to run a different report. Currently, there isn't a way to save those settings to automatically filter the data at a later date, but you can submit a Feature Request to let our Product Team know you'd like to see that option in the future! :)

  • Hi! I stumbled upon this thread, and did put a FR in for it. For my use case, I wanted to track certain accounts for a "Goals Based" sort of approach. In my use case, I would like to see how close I am to paying off my mortgage with available funds. 

    It's sort of a formula of ( "Checking / Savings Accounts" + "Taxable Investment Accounts" ) - "Mortgage Balance". But I don't want to include CC Balances [Side note: No carryover balances!]  or Retirement accounts. 


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    •  Stephen Kirven I see how that report could take a number of clicks to formulate each time and a saved option would be handy! Thank you for taking the time to submit a feature request! :)

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