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I have started using Ynab again now since 1 year. And i regret having stopped using it.

There is just 1 little thing that i think could be alot easier and maybe this fucntion already exists!


80% of my budgeted expenses are a fixed price:


- mortgage




-car insurance

-house insurance





So the money i budget for it is a fixed price.

Those companies automatically take the money from my bank account and its a different date every time. ( Not always the 10th for expample )

So i would LOVE to have a button i can just press on my budgeted money and when i press that button, Ynab will make a transaction of the total budgeted amount to that chosen topic at the right date ( The moment i press it. )

Now i have to press new transaction press the right catagory and the right amount. press cleared ( i don't even know what cleared is. Im assuming it has something to do with a credit card. ) we don't use credit cards for payments in holland. and after i have to check if my bank account is still exacly the same as in Ynab. Becouse i make a little numbers mistake all the time. and then i have to look wich one i did wrong etc.

Just 1 button especially on my phone would make this program ALOT easier to use for me.

And then i  only have to make sepperate transactions for example groceries or gas for the car wich is a different amount every the time.


So is there a function like this in Ynab. If no i hope they read this and will think this is a good idea! it would make my Ynab time alot easier and i hope alot of other people with me.

Thank you in advance


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  • Do you know about Scheduled transactions? You can set up regularly occurring expenses or revenue as recurring, with the projected date for each. When the date passes, YNAB will suggest you enter the transaction into your registers. You can edit the date or amount at that point of entry, if necessary.

    Maybe I am not understanding what you want, but it seems that would work for you.

      • Daace
      • Daace
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      thanks for your reply,

      yes i know About the scheduled transactions.

      i did not know they gave you a warning. So i Will check that out.

      The problem stil is that most of the time i dont have an exact date.

      I have not tried it yet, but to keep postponing multiple messages for several days seems a bit annoying as well.

      then i get a message have to check my account is it doen yet? No, postpone


      i always check my bank account, and then fill in Ynab whats happened.


      But  i Will check out the option. Maybe that Will make it a little easier.


      thanks for the help.


      Sorry for the terrible grammar. My dutch autocorrect is giving me a hard time here 😜

      • Patzer
      • Retired at age 60. Thank you, YNAB!
      • Patzer
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      I think what you want is to schedule your transactions for a date in the month that is later than you expect the transaction to occur.  Then when it happens, you select the scheduled transaction and tell YNAB "enter now."  It gets entered in the register with the current date.

      This particular functionality drives me nuts, but it seems it would fit your use case.

  • Patzer

    That seems to work.

    It also moves up the given time when you press ''enter now'' as well so that works as well.

    Its not as amazing as a button on your budget page but it is verry close!


    Thanks alot this is wat i was looking for.

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