Where did the money go?

I came from the old YNAB so this maybe a reason why I don't understand how this works.

  • If I go to July, the amount 'to be budgeted' is -$2,39
  • In that same month I take $12,90 out of a category. It had that amount in the 'available' column. 
  • I would assume the amount 'to be budgeted' would be 12,90-2,39=$10,51

However: the amount 'to be budgetted' remains 0.

If I take out just $2,39 (instead of the full 12,90 it still results in $0 'to be budgeted'?

How is that possible?

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  • Do you have anything budgeted in a future month? If so, that's where the TBB will be reduced, not in the current month.

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  • Aah yes that may be it! I find this confusing LOL.

    • Winterlover We're more than happy to help, so if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask! If you remove the amounts in the Budgeted column in the future month, you should see the current month return back to what you're expecting. :)

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