View month's Total Inflows from mobile app

Is there a way to conveniently view a given month's Total Inflows from the mobile app?

Viewing YNAB within the browser, I can see this information on the right if I click on any Master Category. But I prefer to do my budgeting while commuting on the bus.

I ask because I budget for some categories based on inflow percentages. (ie. 3% of monthly income to scuba gear, 6% of monthly income to salt water taffy). Since my income is variable, I'm not able to budget a fixed amount in those categories while still achieving my target %s. Thus, it's important to be able to see each month's respective Total Inflows.

Does the mobile app have this function or has anyone worked out a hack that doesn't involve keeping numbers in my head or writing it down on paper?

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  • Hi Cyan Lobster !

    There isn't a Total Inflows display in the mobile app. However, if you tap on Accounts, then tap on All Accounts, you'll see a list of all of your transactions. If you then select all of the inflow transactions for the month, the total will appear in the top right hand corner.

    You can also request a Total Inflows option in the mobile app via our Feature Request form! :)

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  • Thank you! That is a good enough workaround. I will also make a feature request. Thanks again!

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