My "to be budgeted" amount is negative

I recently "started fresh" on my budget. I just looked at December and the "to be budgeted" amount is negative even though I have plenty in the bank and all transactions seem to be importing correctly. I can't figure out where the disconnect is.

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  • Did you have overspending in your categories in November? Look at the header in December and it will tell you.

  • Hey  Silver Cartridge , along with nolesrule 's suggestion to check for overspending in November, you might want to check for overspending in December. Do you have any red negative available amounts in any of your budget categories this month?

    I'm also going to move this to our Method & Budgeting section instead of the Bank Importing section! :)

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  • Hey Silver Cartridge !

    To Be Budgeted goes negative when you've budgeted more funds than you have available. For instance, If you have $100 To Be Budgeted but you budget $120 towards a category, your To Be Budgeted would be -$20. 

    This can also happen when, like Dan and Nolesrule mentioned, there's overspending in a previous month. 

    Either way, the header in web app for December should tell you exactly why the To Be Budgeted is negative. It should list the amount you had Available for the month and whether is was budgeted in the current month or a future month.

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