How to do this split--expert level question probably

How can I rig these up as a split?

I made the following transactions:
Gas: 13.33, bought by mom, I owe her

USPS: 10.05, bought by me to pay mom back, so I owe her less

Thanks for help.

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  • Hi, boodles8

    Hope this helps.


    If you have a Mom or a reimbursable Category for tracking the to and fro of these exchanges, you can inflow the $3.28 directly to that category. In the example above, you end up with $3.28 in  TBB, and you can budget it to whichever category you use for tracking. 

  • Hey boodles8 !

    I have a question about these. Did you want to enter the Gas and the USPS transaction both in your budget? Since your mom made the first transaction, did you want to enter that on your end just to have record of her buying it for you?

    If so, I would make one change to the screenshot HappyDance provided. I'd change the Gas Station purchase to Inflow (since your mom gave you this money), then the USPS transaction as Outflow (since you spent that money out of your account). That would leave you with an inflow of $3.28 - money you still owe your mom (which you can budget towards another category where you plan to buy something else to pay your mom back, or enter a cash transaction if you give her change).

  • There you go, boodles8   Faness at YNAB  has provided an alternative approach, and I dare say a more practical way of looking at it.  Hopefully one or the other will make sense to you.

    I prefer to start my barter splits with what I spent, then enter what I received, then explain the discrepancy.

  • OK, thanks to both. I could do either.  I like the idea of making a category to track what we owe each other.  I like entering them Faness's way better overall, though.

    These sorts of transactions never fail to boggle my mind.  I never can figure out how to enter them, split or no.  I'm sure I'll be posting more such questions as life goes on.

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      I definitely get boggled too by some of the splits, even fairly simple ones if they are for a type of transaction I don't normally do. (Think paying the restaurant bill with a credit card, but leaving a cash tip -- that makes me scratch my noggin every time.)

      But I also enjoy figuring it out. I felt particularly brilliant when I figured out how to do a multi-category purchase on my credit card that involved transfers from two separate tracking accounts (cash envelopes I manage for others) and entering pass-through transfers from off-budget to cc to wallet in the same split.

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