What is Your Budget's Name?

Hi everyone! I've always had a difficult time naming my budget in YNAB and I've been wondering what other people name their budgets. And now I have a place to ask!

Is your budget name something silly, meaningful, or serious? I would love to know!

My budget is usually called "Lemons and Limes" because when I was little and my family was doing well financially we would have more fresh produce in the kitchen because we could afford it.

Thank you to anyone that replies!

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  • "Security, Comfort, and Delight"

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    • Cyan Boa not bad)

  • Our Big Beautiful Budget. It is not that big, but it has made a big difference in our lives!

  • 😄😄😄 was just thinking about the same))))) it's always so hard to give a nice name!

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    • WordTenor
    • Can we agree that goals are dumb and immature? Sure.
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    Mine is called "50,000 ft" in accordance with / reminder of David Allen's 6 Horizons of Focus 

    (This particular page doesn't list the "altitudes" but basically each of the Horizons is often described as the X0,000-ft view. So Horizon 5 is 50,000ft.) 

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  • Hey, 
    my budget called "Moneyrain". Since I got YNAB, it feels exactly the same

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  • Stick to the budget VI 😂😅

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  • Ours is just our names with Get on Track.  I wonder if I could change it now that we ARE on Track?

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  • "This is the way." (The Mandalorian reference.)

    After 16 years of being a single mom and getting 2 of 3 three kids through college (one to go!) and myself through graduate school, I am FINALLY in a place where I am earning enough money and planning how to spend it -- now and through retirement. The name reminds me that my budget is the way toward a retirement I never thought I would actually have.

    Feels good -- nice to stumble on this thread today, thanks!

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  • I have two budgets on the go right now.  My first one is "Mamba Main Budget" and the second one I just started last night which is "Mamba Single Budget".   That one is for when I kick my current spouse out of my house.  Its coming and I want to be prepared :)

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