Thoughts on activity subscriptions

Any thoughts on activity box subscriptions?  We currently subscribe to kiwi crate. My daughter likes it well enough. My concern really is that for $20/month we get the experience of putting it together and maybe a day of playing with the results before it’s broken and/or forgotten and left laying around. 

I’d love to hear others thoughts aneexperieces on the value of such kits. 




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  • Hi Jeff! I have a few thoughts on this.

    Have you asked your daughter and figured out what value she is taking from the experience?  If you think she is learning something new and both of you are bonding $20's isn't bad for the hour + day of play when compared to other non-free activities like it.  Around where I live you are going to pay at least $20 for 30 minutes to an hour of some kind of activity such as sports, swimming, or karate and that doesn't typically involve us, the parents.. Hmm, and that's for our toddler's activities;  I can't imagine what the expense will be when they are older.

    I also look to see what my budget is like before committing to a subscription.  Does that expense get in the way of higher priorities or delay them more than makes me comfortable?  Is there another activity that can be covered if I had another $20 a month/$240 a year? If the expense is manageable and align with my other priorities I don't sweat it and revisit it if priorities change.

    That being said, you can probably go cheaper if the amount is is a concern.  You can save money and do more and replicate most of the same experience by buying a maker's like magazine subscription or checking books out from the library and getting the supplies yourself.  In many ways that is more inconvenient than a premade kit, but it is also more opportunities to share life lessons working with the kids working through it. 

    Personally, I feel subscription services can trap you if you don't use them.  It is easy to keep paying for something and not utilize it. So that would be my biggest concern, making sure it is utilized (even if it is for only a day) and stop the subscription as soon as it isn't going to get used for a month or two.

    One last thing, I can't stand all the extra things piling up with these item services. So if it is only lasting a day make sure it gets tossed in the trash or before the house is littered with broken kits!

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    • James thanks for the well thought out reply.  It has given me a lot to think about.  She definitely enjoys and learns from them.  I think my plan is to keep subscribing and re-evaluate every 3-6 months.  I do think its a fun way for us to spend quality time together.


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  • My strategy for the last few years has been to get a 6 month subscription to Kiwi Crate as a Christmas present for my kid (well, kids-- this year I'm making them share, which has been mostly ok!). Usually they send me an email in November or so offering a 40% discount on a 6 or 12 month renewal, so it ends up being around $80 for 6 months. So far so good!

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