Including CC in Reports when paid in full each month

Question for the Gurus. My Wife and I put 90% of our expenditures on our CC for the cash back features. Through the power of YNAB, it's paid in full each month. (Net Zero)


Right now the card is part of the Budget Category, and when I include it in the listed accounts for the reports, it decreases my net-worth and ballon's my dept. I don't believe it should be included in debt, as it's my normal monthly out.



Should I just keep it "unchecked" in reports as its not really debt?

Should I keep it checked, as the "spending" isn't reflected in my assets until I pay the CC in full?


Basically, which method is more accurate in regards to actual net worth month on month.

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  • It's really debt. You borrowed the money, and some of the money you have on hand is dedicated to repaying that money. So it definitely makes sense to subtract your credit card balance from your network. Keep it checked.

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      Another way to think about it: Imagine you made all of those expenses on a debit card instead. Your debt would be lower, but your assets would also be lower by the same amount.

      It might be annoying to see that red bar on the chart, but it's the truth.

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