Connection: Good, Last Updated 13 hours Ago

I'm confused about syncing.  I read here that the system is supposed to sync everyday in wee hours of the morning and then when someone logs on and its been 8 hours since last update.  My wells fargo accounts is listed as being last updated 13 hours ago and I've logged off/on numerous times in last 5 hours with no change... just the last updated time keeps ticking up.. 8 hours, 9 hours, 10 hours, etc.

Other accounts seem to stay up-to-date (except for the one's reporting "delay").. but wells fargo connection isn't yet it is listed as good.

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  • We're closing out Bank Importing threads in the forum to make sure these issues are better resolved.

    Replies in this thread have been turned off, but if you’re having trouble with your bank, please fill out this form and our Direct Import team will help you get things back up and running! 

  • I've had this happen with a few accounts over the last few years.  It usually cleared itself up within a day but in cases i wanted to force an update completely disabling direct import for that institution and then linking from scratch usually works.

  • Ok, thanks.. was trying to avoid that on day 4 of evaluating the product.  But I've got a while to continue to evaluate it.

    I'll wait and see how long it takes to sync.

  • Hi Forest Green Viper ! That is correct!

    Our system checks for newly cleared transactions every night during a nightly refresh, and it also checks again when you log in, if it has been more than 8 hours since your last import.

    We’ll import transactions that clear on or after the date of your Starting Balance. Your bank may hold a transaction as “pending” for a day or two (weekends can contribute to a delay there), but once they are cleared/posted, they should be available to import in YNAB within 24 hours.

    I looked closer at your Wells Fargo connection, and you have transactions ready to import! 🎉 Are those the ones you were expecting?

    • Nicole yes, those are the ones, but I noticed that they finally updated.. maybe after 14 or 15 hours.

    • Nicole but the problem  was that it didn't check after 8 hours..   if it did, it should never have reached 15 hours..

    • Hi Forest Green Viper !

      There could be a couple of reasons for the delay you're seeing:

      - Timing of import: We check for transactions in the wee hours of the morning, but there’s no universal standard between financial institutions for when transactions will post. This means transaction(s) may not have been available yet when we did our early morning check.

      - Loading time: When you first access YNAB, it can take up to 5 minutes for new transactions to show next to the 'Import'. Our system needs time to check how long it's been since your last log in, check for those transactions and import them.

      Also, with loading time, you mention logging in and out multiple times. Were these fresh log ins - where you entered your username and password - or were they saved sessions where you just re-opened the tab? If it's the same session, that log in attempt won't register and there won't be a new check for transaction.

      It may take a while, but those transactions should trickle in with time. :)

    • Faness thanks, my logouts/logins were complete (had to use username/password to login).  Regardless of whether or not transactions were there to be imported (they were per my bank's website), the issue was the actual pull was delayed by about 8 hours.   If the system does what everyone says it should, when I logged on and it said last update was 9 hours, then within 5 minutes for so, it should have updated.  But it didn't do so for about another 8 hours. 

    • Nicole It's back to not updating.  All my accounts are "Connection: Good,  Last updated 12 hours ago",  except for those that I disconnected and reconnected to see if I could fix "delayed" (which, btw, did and now amex is working).  Is it because I'm on the trial that it's not updating every 8 hours?  I've logged off and logged back on a few times throughout the day to no avail.  I even deleted the app on my phone wondering if that's throwing it off. 

    • Faness I just logged back in and it said last update was 15 hours.. but after a minute they all updated.    🤷‍♂️

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    • Forest Green Viper I ran this by one of our developers to get a better idea of what's going on here. Essentially, 15~ hours should be the absolute max you see for the "Last Updated" time frame. There are two separate instances that can cause the 8 hour check to be skipped, and once skipped it has to wait until the next scheduled check (8 hours later or during the nightly refresh) to pull in transactions.

      If a connection is in an error state, the troubleshooting steps reset the 8 hour clock. That single account is then off the 8 hour schedule of your other account and connections, so it will be skipped during the next 8 hour check. For example, let's say your accounts sync at 12pm. If an account is running into an error, and you troubleshoot at 5pm, it will be skipped at the 8pm check (because it's only been 3 hours since the last update and not 8). 

      The other cause, is when a financial institution runs a sync on their end that's off schedule of our own sync. This should happen less often, but it would also cause the account to be off schedule and skip the next sync.

      I hope this helps clear things up! If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :)

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    • Faness Thank you for doing that.  That helps a lot.

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  • I'm going to be honest with you.  Stuff happens with direct import.  It's pretty consistent but this stuff happens on a frequent enough basis that if this is a serious issue for you, you may want to consider other options.  

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    • Herman  I'm new to using this so I want to understand how it works.  This service seems to fit my needs better than the others so I'm willing to put up with issues, just concerned how often this issues might happen.  Right now, my Amex cards are "delayed", I still don't have access to my AAA credit card which they said they could do, and my state farm account is not supported (which doesn't really bother me as mint doesn't can't support it either.. must be a state farm thing).

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      Forest Green Viper Ok, I understand.  My experience has been it is pretty consistent that it updates every 8 hoursish.  I have had a similar issue where it seemed 'stuck' and skipped an 8 hour window but usually updates at the 'next' window.  You might find this link handy

      Specific issues are reported there along with a summary of how the biggest institutions direct connect is functioning. 

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  • Just wanted to mention that manual input should be done at time of transaction so that your budget is always up to date. 

    Then when transactions import they will match up with the ones you manually inputted. 

    • satcook I agree that's the proper way, but trying to convince my wife to do it is a going to be the challenge.  She tends to not do things that are cumbersome, complex, or frustrating.  So hopefully I can get her to use the app or maybe even the alexa skill to add the transactions.  

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