Rant - Sync outside of USA

I have been using YNAB for the past 2 years now.. but I am really starting to get tired of the lack of sync for people outside of the United States and consider a move elsewhere.

I can understand that the YNAB devs have probably something else to work on. Make a partnership with third party plugin or something like that and allow me to sync my expenses.

I don't want to hear that you have CSV imports or something like that it does not suit me.

Unfortunately YNAB is just ignoring the feedback from people based outside the US and it's sad... 

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  • Definitely agree. It is annoying to pay the same price in Europe even if you don’t get full service. It should be possible to get Ynab without a bank connection at a lower price like € 50 / year.

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    • Jari Slate Blue Cartridge Hey there! I definitely understand how frustrating the wait has been here.

      Our transactions team is working on an update to share with users about where we are in the process, and I wanted to be sure to direct you both to this thread, where we'll post updates as we have them!

    • Rachel thank you for bringing me to that thread. 

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  • Yes I agree... Today we need to rely on an external service like "Sync for ynab" and it's quite pricey on top of YNAB + it is missing countries...

    On the other side Moneywiz offers sync with 40,000 banks (it's also american btw).. and no I don't want to move to moneywiz.

  • Not being difficult but just wanted to clarify that YNAB does sync in Canada.  I know that doesn't help you but Canadians are a bit sensitive about being lumped in with USA.  Sorry!

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  • I second this - SaltEdge and other sync providers has been available for at least a year - sad that YNAB does not want/ care about european customers

    As a former user from Europe Sweden, that skipped YNAB due to no bank sync - even though there are provider such as SaltEdge and budgetbaker etc that do provide connection to a lot of European banks.

    Will start with YNAB again as soon as bank sync works

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  • Have you seen this update on direct import in the UK and EU that was posted yesterday? We're excited that we're so much closer to offering this!

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