Credit Card - Reconciled now I have extra $ in Available Column

Hi there,

I'm a ynab beginner. I started a fresh budget on March 1 and have entered all of my credit card transactions since then correctly. Today I wanted to reconcile my account. My real life balance was -$1813.48, and YNAB was showing my balance as -$1838.83. I went through every transaction and they were all there correctly, so I figured I must have entered the wrong starting balance.

I reconciled the account and manually adjusted my YNAB balance to be equal to my real life balance of -$1813.48.  That worked fine, but now it's showing that I have +$25.35 in the "available" column to pay of my credit card. The YNAB automatic adjustment shows up as an inflow of $25.35 into my credit card account.

Moving forward, if all of my credit card transactions come out of categories that I have adequately funded, which is of course the plan, will my credit card "available" column not always be $25.35 too high? I tried moving that $25.35 to "inflow to be budgeted", but then my "Budgeted" column for that credit card shows -$25.35. Is this a problem? Any advice? Thank you!

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  • Hi Silver Cobra !

    If you adjust the Starting Balance of the credit card instead of entering a balance adjustment it should prevent the positive $25.35 from appearing.

    If you'd rather leave the balance adjustment, you're right to move the $25.35 to another category. If you currently have $25.35 Available to pay towards your credit card, but the current balance on that credit card is $0, that $25.35 will better serve you somewhere else. The -$25.35 is YNAB's way of letting you know you moved those funds out of that category, which isn't a problem at all.

    Going forward, as long as all of your credit card purchases are budgeted for, your credit card category Available amount should match your credit card balance (the balance will be negative, while the category will be positive to shows there's enough available to pay the card off).

    I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Silver Cobra said:
    now it's showing that I have +$25.35 in the "available" column to pay of my credit card

    That's a long way from paid-in-full status, which is the case when the Available matches the account balance (as a positive number). I suggest you leave it in there, and actually add to it when that fits in with your priorities.

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