Stimulus Checks and Direct Import

Hi everyone!

I hope this announcement finds you well! :)


This issue has now been resolved and things are back up and running! We've updated our status page to reflect this. If you're still having trouble, please check there for any other issues. You can fill out this form if you're seeing an issue not listed there and would like our Direct Import Team to take a closer look! :)


As a number of you may have noticed, a lot of financial institutions are experiencing high volumes/infrastructure issues due to the number of customers checking their accounts for COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments/Stimulus checks. This is causing delays and outages for direct import.

While your bank's website may be up and running, the increased traffic and strain on their systems can impact their ability to export transaction data to our import partners. Institutions usually limit the amount of data requests from third-parties (like our partners) in order to prioritize customer traffic to their site.

We'll continue to monitor the situation, and update the Status Page as we hear more! In the meantime, we recommend entering any transactions as they occur, using either the web or mobile app, and also taking advantage of our File-Based Importing & Scheduled Transactions features; once transactions are able to import again, they'll match right up with the ones you've already entered.

Trouble with direct import isn't an issue we're able to troubleshoot here in the forum. If you'd like to contact support in regards to your bank, you can fill out this form to reach our Direct Import team (but I assure you, they're already on the case!). :)

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