Why does next month show a negative TBB balance?

I know that I went to the July budget last week to add a few dollars in one of the categories, but I can't figure out why it's showing a negative balance (of $243). I wondered if perhaps I inadvertently scheduled a payment in that month, but July shows zero activity and only $11 overall in budgeted dollars. How do I even begin to figure out how to resolve this?

I usually YNAB on mobile, but I even logged in on my computer to see if anything was more obvious. Help?

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  • If you made any adjustments to your budget in June, and you have already budgeted excess funds to July, that adjustment would take from July's budget and show a negative amount. In that case, you will need to make a reduction of budgeted in July to allow for any changes in June.

    • Navy Blue Pegasus I'd only budgeted $11 in excess funds in July, though. Moving that amount back to TBB doesn't address the full $243 that shows as negative. 

      I think what confuses me is that ...I shouldn't have any missing money. I had an overspent category and used another to cover it. But even that overspent amount wasn't $243. 

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    • Georgia Aster There's a known bug we call Stealing From The Future in which YNAB allows you to pull money from the future while still showing TBB in the current month as $0. There's a Toolkit setting that adds a line to your header with an indication, but that's the best solution if you really want to budget in next month. 

      I was bitten by this bug, too, so now I never budget in the future. I just put money in a holding category for next month. 

      Going forward, you can only adjust to make your TBB = $0, and protect yourself from the future. It's nearly impossible to tell where the overbudgeting occurred if you don't have your initial budgeted amounts written down or if you used Rule 3, which is moving money to adjust your plan as needed.

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    • Move Light Sound Life I am having this same issue not for August.  I have no idea why I am showing a negative balance for next month when I haven't even budgeted anything for next month.  So confusing.

    • gunner197725 You have overspent categories in this month. That's not SFTF, which is related to assigning money in the future.  

      Any cash overspending is taken out of the following month's TBB. Cover the overspending in the month it happens to prevent it.

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    • Move Light Sound Life Thank you so much! 😊  I have covered the overspending from this month and it has corrected the negative balance in To Be Assigned for August.  I don't like how it takes from the next month, but at least now I know.    I knew I was overspending in a category and was using it as a reminder for when I get paid on July 30th.  Thanks again for your help!

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    • gunner197725 It makes sense to take it from there if you don't correct the situation yourself (you technically have less money, after all), but you're right - there could be better notification. YNAB is actively working on fixing the notification of future negatives, though, so there's hope!

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  • In the July budget header, what does the "Overspent in June" line (next to TBB) say?

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