Fixing credit card errors

Here's what happened...

I purchased something on one of my credit cards earlier in the month. I paid the credit card balance and then I ended up returning one of the items. Now I see that my credit card in question is in the red. However, this is strange as the amount is not the amount that I would expect. I am not sure how to fix this. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • The issue is you have now paid that purchase off twice: once with your payment and once with the refund.

    If this card had paid-in-full status, the refund would have taken the account positive, adding to TBB the exact amount needed to fix the overspending.

    (The amount of overspending is different because you had some money in the category prior to the refund. The shortage is the difference between that and the refund amount. It would be rare that they would match.)

    If this card did not have paid-in-full status (Payment category covering the entire debt / account balance), then you need to reallocate to reflect the reality you have less cash but also less debt.

    In short, move funds from TBB or a green category to fix the overspent Payment category.

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