Negative in my Budget Category

Sorry if this is duplicate.  Im having an issues with a particular category.  On 6/15 (the first paycheck in June) I put $1200 into my Mortgage category.  I then transferred it from Checking to the account where the bank takes it's payment BOTH are on Budget.  The next day the bank takes the payment.  on 6/29 Paycheck number 2.  I go to put $1200 in my mortgage category and it has a -$831.65.  (I don't recall moving any money from that budget category.  What did I do wrong?  Help!

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  • If you mean the budget entry (1st column) is -$831, that's something you must have done, possibly accidentally. (Transactions (transfers or otherwise) do not affect that budget value.) I can easily see someone trying to move money and accidentally picking a category one away from the desired source. There are a number of other possible accidental causes. (You don't have a cat, do you? They are notorious for walking on a keyboard!) 😉

    The why/how is a bit immaterial. Like any Rule 3 situation, when you realize that an Available amount is not appropriate, just reallocate until it is appropriate.

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  • Is there a way to see a line by line log of everything that happened in a month?

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      Money's Boss There is no audit trail of budget entries. 

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