Reorder categories and groups (Safari on iPad)

I am using the web-based version of YNAB (using Safari) on an iPad.  How to you reorder categories and category groups?  The drag-and-drop method I’ve seen on tutorials doesn’t seem to work.  As a workaround, I reorder the categories on the iPhone app-eventually that syncs up to my web-based budget and all is well.  I know there’s a iPad version of YNAB, but I want to use the web-based version.  Thanks!

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  • I just tried it and wasn’t able to reorder the categories. However, you can use both the ipad app as well as the Safari web version.I do this all the time. And you can force YNAB to sync by pulling down on the screen in the app.

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    • Tomato Tamale Yeah, I will just have to use both for now.  Thanks!

  • Hi Sea Green Saxophone ! The web app isn't officially supported on mobile devices at this time, so there may be certain actions that don't behave as expected. That said, iOS 13 has made a lot possible!

    You can customize categories on your iPad with the mobile app and refresh your browser to see the changes. If you have multiple devices open at once, a force sync as Tomato Tamale mentioned to see those immediately.

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    • Nicole True.  Safari on iPad is getting a lot better, but not 100% there yet.  For now, I’ll just use the mobile app when reordering categories.  Thanks for the help!

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