I discovered YNAB when searching youtube how to pay off debt. A budget? But I've been budgeting and it doesn't help. I used a spreadsheet in excel to decide how much we could spend for the whole month for bills, food, and gas. But then i would just go by what was in my bank account, not what was actually budgeted and would end up over spending or putting it on Credit Cards. 

The last straw came when I had thrown over $1,000 onto my credit card to pay it down, then spent over $1,000 on it that same month so I was stuck in the same place. 

I decided to give YNAB a chance and wow! What a game changer! I've only been using it for 3 weeks now. My husband and I are paid bi-weekly. We were paid on 07/10 and will not be paid again until 07/24. Today 07/20 we still have money in our account for gas and groceries and bills!! We actually have some money in an emergency fund! What?? Having money this close to payday is not normal for me! I'm so proud of myself. 

I'm finally understanding  how budgeting is SUPPOSE TO WORK! I can't wait to see my reports 3 months from now. :)

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  • Welcome and congrats! You are on the beginning of a new path to wealth.

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  • Welcome, new YNABer. From your first post,  I happily predict many wonderful, game-changing Ah-ha and Ta-dah moments ahead, especially in the next six months.

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  • Welcome!! Your story sounds very similar to a lot of us! I did the spreadsheet thing to but was always playing catch up versus looking ahead. Be warned: YNAB becomes very addicting! It's been a year for me now & it has changed my life. Totally feeling FOMO, that I wish I discovered YNAB 5 years ago or 20, but I can control my present & future now. You will start looking at your forecasted spending differently - do I want to spend $ on that when I'd rather spend $ on this? Get involved in the forum topics, listen to the podcasts, and you'll even find yourself reading personal finance books for pleasure reading. Yep that is me. I have a list of books in my journal if you are interested. Keep with it! :)

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      Purple Foal  Thanks! I'm definitely interested!  I have to keep myself motivated to NOT spend money. 😂

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