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I’m not gonna lie, I tried YNAB before and it was so confusing!!! I decided to try it again and this time I kept it simple. We have a lot of accounts and last time I added them all!!! But this time I started slow and simple. It took about a week for everything to click in my brain, but today I can say it all makes sense to me and I am excited to start really focusing on our get out of debt plan!!! We already talked about where we are and made a decision to pay one debt off entirely then take that monthly payment and really focus on the next one. I’m really glad we decided to try this again and I loving the convenience of always having it right in front of me. 

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  • Congratulations! You are now on the path to financial freedom! YNAB was the most import tool for me to get there.

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  • Took me a while to wrap my head around it ( and I’m an accountant 🙄). I think the idea of budgeting only what you have is the key point to understanding how YNAB works and this concept is completely foreign to most people and other budgeting techniques. 

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  • Welcome to the club, Sassy Darrow 😊

    It can be challenging to wrap your head around, and then figure out how to best use the program to match your needs and goals, but it's possible. And once you do, it's amazing what can be accomplished! I love helping new folks figure out the system so that it works for them, so feel free to message if you want to talk shop and strategy. I have figured out a few things over the years that would have saved me a lot of effort and frustration had I learned them sooner.

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    • farfromtheusual Like what? Would love to hear!

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    • Ivory Storm I actually wrote a post about some general tips, you can find it here:

      The biggest thing for me that I wish I had known was to treat it more like tracking in the beginning as I built up a history and THEN transition to looking at patterns to figure out how to fund my categories. Obviously some of them are easy (rent is always the same), but the groceries, and how much I spend on stuff like that was a lot trickier and more challenging to figure out. Once I just started to put transactions in religiously for a while, and didn't worry so much about how well I had done funding various categories (don't get me wrong - every dollar had a job, and I did my best to refrain from over spending), it helped me to build the data so that I could examine exactly what I was spending across several months. Then using the reports to figure out average spending made a HUGE difference in how much I had to move money around in categories to keep everything covered.

      Setting up category names with helpful information in them was another big one for me. The name gets long, but at least I know when the bill is due, and how much I need to set aside. You can do the same thing with goals, but I like to be able to read it, and know what half is so that I can set that aside each pay day.

      I started out pretty much making less than my basic expenses, so I've managed the budget in the red for many years. I've finally gotten to the point where I'm in the black, and that feels so good. It gave me a better chance to manage windfalls when they arrived so that I could put them to work for me, instead of blowing them on something I wouldn't remember six months later.

      Like I said - feel free to privately message if you want to chat, I don't mind.

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