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In the Up Next section, all of the topics have been released. Does this mean the developers aren't working on any improvements? I sure hope not because there are lots of feature request subscribers have asked for. 

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  • Hey, jayne_m !

    We're currently focusing on improving our server capacity and other internal workings. We haven't decided which feature we'll be tackling next just yet, but once we're ready we'll update that roadmap, I promise! (Although I've already dropped a hint that we're not done improving Goals... 😄)

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    With the caveat that this is really meant to be kind even though it's going to come across as un-nice...

    It would really be helpful if there were more frank admission about the needs for server upgrades and the time needed to devote to direct import and the like. It is so obvious to those of us who have been with YNAB for years that the web app has really eaten development resources in ways that were unexpected, and that the company and the product have grown much faster than anyone predicted or planned for. The slow pace of feature development would seem much less of a problem were it not also accompanied with, "We're looking forward to getting you xyz! We're working on abc!" and instead was, "Yeah, we were totally unprepared for this, and we're really sorry. We retain our commitment to making the very best product we can and the road has been way bumpier than we ever could've seen coming." 

    When things that were promised within six weeks of the soft launch have not materialized over four years later, it just looks silly to say, "We're working hard on rolling out features! Please click here to request a new one!" Like, obviously, you are working hard but obviously there are other things in the way. Your customers don't need to be patted. We get it. I'd say it's okay, but it's not really okay. Nevertheless, I think most of us understand and so it feels like being talked down to when the party line is always a cheerful "We're busy making new things for you! We're excited!" when development has been so absurdly slow.

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